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GE Oven Keeps Clicking? Here’s Why (+ How to Fix)

It’s not rare to hear noises or sounds in the oven when a cooking cycle is running. These sounds can be in the form of popping, humming, or clicking. According to GE Appliances, these sounds are generally normal.

A GE oven keeps clicking because:

  • The heat elements are cycling to maintain the set temperature (electric oven).
  • The burners and glow-bar are cycling (gas range).
  • The relay switch is malfunctioning.

This article will tell you what cycling means for both GE electric and gas models and why you shouldn’t worry about the clicking sound. I’ll also give you a quick solution to abnormal GE oven clicking. Let’s get right on it!

The Heating Elements are Cycling

The control relays will cycle the heating elements in a GE electric oven to maintain the set temperature during a broiling, baking, or self-clean cycle. For this reason, it’s normal to hear a clicking sound every time the heating elements cycle.

The heating elements’ cycling gives better cooking results as the temperature is kept at an optimal level. Also, the clicking sound will happen more often in new GE ovens.  

Note that the oven cycling light will turn on and off with the heating element cycling during a bake, broil, or self-clean cycle in some models. In other models, the cycle light will stay on throughout when the oven is working at ≤250°F (121°C). 

What to Do with GE Oven Heating Element Cycling

You don’t need to take any action about the clicking sound during oven elements cycling. However, if the clicking sound is abnormally loud or too frequent, you can hire the services of a trained GE oven technician or seek support with GE Appliances Factory Service (using your GE Appliances account).

You can also check the specific details about your GE oven model’s heating element cycling on the Owner’s/Installation Manual.

The Burners and Glow-bar are Cycling

Like the heating elements in a GE electric model, the burners in a GE gas oven will cycle to maintain the required temperature. A clicking sound followed by a slight poof sound will be heard when the burners light or turn off. 

Also, the glow bar that makes an orange glow when the oven is running will cycle with the burners and produce a clicking sound. This happens as the safety valve closes to signal the gas supply to shut off.

What to Do with GE Gas Oven Burners and Glow-Bar Cycling

Clicking during GE oven burner and glow bar cycling is normal oven operation, and you don’t need to take any action. However, if GE oven clicking is accompanied by a popping sound when the burners cycle on and off, the oven may have airflow issues. In that case, you need to adjust the airflow. 

If an oven has airflow issues, the burner flames will show a yellow/orange color instead of a steady, cool blue color. Find the shutter at the back wall behind the valve shield and turn it to adjust airflow as required.

A Malfunctioning Relay Switch

Your GE oven may have a relay control board separate from the control board. The relay switches control the voltage to your oven heating elements and other components. If the relay switch controlling a heating element is malfunctioning, it could keep the element clicking as it tries to ignite.

How to Fix a GE Oven Malfunctioning Relay Switch

If you hear a clicking sound as though a heating element is attempting to ignite in vain, call a GE oven technician to assess the heating element relay switch. The technician will determine the necessary repairs and decide if the entire relay board is faulty and needs to be replaced.