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7 Best Electric Baseboard Heaters (2024 Reviews)

Baseboard heaters are an excellent alternative to whole-house heating since they’re cheaper to run, consume less space, and are easier to install. Using an electric baseboard means you don’t have to rely on rising gas prices or possible leaks. Consider choosing a portable or mounted baseboard heater for your home.

The best electric baseboard heater on the market is the Fahrenheat FBE15002 Portable Heater. It’s portable, inexpensive to run, and has a low profile. The convection design makes it ultra-quiet and easy to maintain.

However, you might consider one of the following heaters, too:

Throughout this article, I’ll also cover what you should look for when buying an electric baseboard heater, why you might consider the alternatives and the pros and cons of each of the top heaters listed above.

What to Consider

If you’re in the market for a new electric baseboard heater, it’s best to keep three things in mind:

  1. Wattage consumption is crucial because it dictates your monthly expenses, how quickly the heater will increase the ambient temperature, and how big of an area you can heat. Some baseboard heaters have adjustable wattage, which is worth looking for.
  2. The dimensions are another important factor that determines where you can mount the heater and whether or not it’s allowed to be used in the building. If you own the home, you’re good to go. However, if you live in an apartment or bought the heater for office space, it’d be wise to ask for permission.
  3. The overall cost is broken down into the initial price, maintenance expenses, and your electrical bill. It’s directly tied to your heater’s wattage consumption since more watts call for more money.

I’ll dive into the details about each factor below.

Wattage Consumption

Electric baseboard heaters typically don’t consume too many watts per hour. However, it’s important to remember the higher the wattage goes, the more heat you’ll get from the unit. If you want to save money on your energy bill, you might not get as much heat as a high-wattage electric baseboard heater.

Some models you’ll see on our list include two or more settings to reduce or increase the wattage consumption (thus, adjusting the heat output). These models are preferred by those who want to keep an eye on their energy bills without worrying about using too much electricity.

You’ll often find most baseboard heaters consume anywhere from 500 to 1500 watts per hour. This measurement is standard for heating appliances, especially space heaters. The primary difference is baseboard heaters are low to the ground and send heat upward, warming the entire space.


Baseboard heaters are convenient due to their low-profile and compact dimensions. There’s no point in getting a massive baseboard heater if it takes up too much space. Fortunately, we chose the best compact models that you find later in the article. Your baseboard heater shouldn’t be longer than six feet.

That being said, a heater that’s too small won’t have a big enough grill to put out enough warmth into the air. There’s a middle ground you should look for between the most compact size and efficient heat output. We’ll cover the various models found throughout our list and declare a winner below.

So, how do our baseboard heaters’ dimensions compare to one another?

Heater ModelOverall DimensionsScore
Fahrenheat FBE1500245 x 6 x 7.5 inches7/10
Marley 2542NW4.8 x 13.2 x 18.2 inches5/10
Comfort Zone CZ650B30 x 6.5 x 10.6 inches9/10
Fahrenheat PLF Heater8 x 3 x 46 inches7/10
KING 6K2015BW72 x 3.13 x 6.75 inches3/10
Tangkula Heater39.5 x 3.5 x 7.5 inches9/10
Heat Wave Heater25.2 x 8.7 x 5.2 inches6/10

Winners: Comfort Zone CZ650B, Tangkula Heater

These two heaters are compact enough to fit almost anywhere in your home or office, but they’re not too small to put out lots of heat quickly. You shouldn’t look for a model that’s too small because it won’t warm the space at an even pace. On the other hand, a massive baseboard heater is clunky and always in the way.

Overall Cost

Nobody wants to spend an arm and a leg warming their home, which is why baseboard heaters are such a good investment. They cost a fraction of a whole-house heater and warm much more square footage than most compact space heaters. However, it’s easy to go overboard and spend too much on a baseboard heater, operational costs, and more.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the expenses:

  • According to Pick HVAC, running a baseboard heater between 500 to 1500 watts per hour can cost anywhere from 5 cents to 45 cents an hour. The price depends on how much money your local energy provider charges per watt, but these guidelines show you how cheap they are to run.
  • Buying a high-quality baseboard heater typically costs between $50 to $150. There are some outliers, but this price range explains why many people opt for one of these compact units compared to getting a built-in full-house heater. You won’t spend thousands on the initial purchase or hundreds on the monthly energy bill.
  • Home Advisor estimates repairing a baseboard heater costs around $144, which is a bit discouraging considering it’s close to the cost of a new one. Keep in mind this estimate is for hard-wired models, so you won’t incur the same expenses if you choose a portable 120V plug-in model.

With modern baseboard heaters using every drop of energy going through them rather than off-putting excess heat to the surface, you’ll reduce your electricity costs and run the heater less often.

Note: Hiring a professional to install a hard-wired baseboard heater will hike the prices significantly. If you don’t want to pay for the labor costs, consider getting a plug-in model. They’re just as efficient and don’t have to be mounted to the wall. Wall-mounted, hard-wired heaters are a permanent solution that could be an attractive option for long-term homeowners, though.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Fahrenheat FBE15002 Electric Baseboard Heater

The Fahrenheat FBE15002 Baseboard Heater is our top choice because it’s whisper-quiet, which is a rare find in the industry. Many people worry about baseboard heaters rumbling or being too loud, but the convection heating method keeps the room warm without being much louder than a light hum.

Fahrenheat FBE15002 Portable Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater

Another feature you’ll enjoy is the overheating prevention tripper. If you forget to turn off this baseboard heater and it gets too warm, it’ll automatically turn off. You don’t have to worry about it cause electrical hazards, ruining your walls, and so on. It’s as good as it gets if you want a ‘set it and forget it’ model.

All you have to do to use this baseboard heater is plug it into a 120-volt outlet and you’re good to go. It has supportive, balanced feet to prevent it from tipping over, and you don’t have to mount it to the wall. This setup is ideal for apartments and offices where you can’t drill or hammer the wallpaper or paint.

Bottom Line: The Fahrenheat Baseboard Heater is a one-of-a-kind choice that combines convenience, safety, and quick-heating methods to keep your home or office warm whenever you need it. The flush design and quiet operation are hard to pass by, especially when you consider how budget-friendly it is.

Mounting MethodPortable
Wattage1500 watts
Weight9 pounds
Connections120V plug


  • It’s lightweight and portable, so you can bring this heater whenever you go without having to mount it.
  • The steel design prevents it from cracking or melting from excess heat.
  • It has an automatic safety shutoff to prevent various overheating hazards.
  • You can plug it into any 120V or 240V outlet.
  • The quiet convection design won’t disturb your sleep.


  • The appearance is a bit bulky and awkward, so it won’t blend in with most baseboards.

Best Budget-Friendly Heater: Marley 2542NW 240V Baseboard Heater

If you’re looking for a lightweight baseboard heater without breaking the bank, the Marley 240V Baseboard Heater should be at the top of your list. It’s ultra-lightweight at only five pounds, making it easy to carry and install wherever you please. This heater is 18.2 inches long, which is a fraction of most of the competition.

Marley 2542NW 240V 2′ BASEBOARD HEATER, White

The UL-certified rating proves the safety of this baseboard heater by providing an automatic shutoff. If it gets too hot or tips over, the heater turns off without ruining the walls, floors, or electrical outlets. Whether you have children, pets, or are worried about bumping it over, this heater should take the stress out of keeping your home comfortably warm.

The Department of Energy Standards backs this product due to its ability to convert all electricity into heat. Many other electric appliances get too hot because they don’t use all of the energy. When the output doesn’t match the input, your appliance gets warm to the touch. Thankfully, this heater changes the energy into warm air rather than surface heat.

Bottom Line: From its safety standards to its compact design, this baseboard heater from Marley is a favorite of many reviewers. It’s made with families in mind, providing peace of mind and long-term energy efficiency. We also approve of the convection heating method that doesn’t blow debris throughout your home!

Mounting MethodPortable
Wattage400 watts
Weight5 pounds
Connections240V plug


  • The lightweight design is about as portable as you’ll find on the market.
  • It works with any outlet to ensure safety standards and anti-tipping issues.
  • This baseboard heater is compact enough to fit anywhere in your home.
  • It’s very energy-efficient by turning all electricity into heat.
  • Convection heating prevents it from emitting dust, bacteria, and more.


  • It’s designed for small rooms, so it’ll take much longer to heat than the previous heater.

Best for Portability: Comfort Zone 1500W CZ650B Digital Baseboard Heater

The Comfort Zone Digital Baseboard Heater matches the powerful 1500-watt output of the Fahrenheat model with the compact design of the Marley heater. It’s a great variant for people who prefer built-in digital meters. You can adjust all of the settings on the front of the heater rather than using a separate controller.

Comfort Zone 1500 Watt CZ650B Digital Baseboard Heater with Silent Operation and Timer, Black

This baseboard heater features two heat settings, which are ideal if you want to reduce wattage consumption. The low-heat setting is perfect for bedrooms, offices, and other small spaces, while the high-heat mode works for living rooms and other big spaces. Thanks to the hardened plastic, aluminum, and steel design, it’s as tough as you’ll find without being too heavy.

We often keep safety at the forefront of the products we review, which is why we were excited to see the stay-cool body to prevent burns. It also has tip-over protection, auto-shutoffs for overheating, and several safety certifications. If you notice any issues, you can take advantage of the one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Bottom Line: The Comfort Zone Heater lets you choose which room you want to heat, how warm it should be, and how many watts it consumes. It’s fairly quiet, which is great for people who keep it in their living room or other places with social gatherings. Place it against the wall, plug it into a 120V outlet, and you’re all set!

Mounting MethodPortable
Wattage1500 watts
Weight4 pounds
Material(s)Hardened plastic, steel, and aluminum
Connections120V plug


  • It’s very compact, which is ideal if you don’t want to take up too much space.
  • Choose between two settings to determine its heat output and wattage consumption.
  • Several safety features protect you, your home, and your family.
  • The durable, non-wobbling legs make this a sturdy, portable heater.


  • The shortened aluminum face makes it take a little longer to heat a room.
  • It uses a digital membrane display that’s not as sensitive as some would prefer.

Best Mounted Baseboard Heater: Fahrenheat PLF Liquid-Filled Heater

The second baseboard heater by Fahrenheat is their PLF Liquid-Filled Heater. If you’re looking for a long-term or permanent solution, we believe this is the best mounted model you’ll come across. The liquid-filled reservoir keeps its surface cool while preventing it from overheating the room. Hardwire it to the wall and combine it with a wireless thermostat.

Fahrenheat PLF Liquid Filled Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater

One of this heater’s best traits is its thin design. It sits flush against the wall to prevent it from looking or feeling too bulky. You’ll hardly notice it’s there, aside from the quick heat it puts out. Unlike many baseboard heaters, you can mount this on the floor against tile, carpet, rugs, and many other surfaces without overheating them.

It uses a convection design that emits heat without requiring a fan or blower. The result is an evenly-warmed room without loud buzzing or frustrating breezes that blow allergens and debris throughout the area. There’s also a grille that doesn’t overheat, so pets and people won’t burn themselves on this heater.

Bottom Line: The Fahrenheat PLF Baseboard Heater is hard to beat when it comes to hard-wired models. It’s long-lasting, quiet, safety-certified, and you can mount it almost anywhere and on any surface. Choose your favorite remote (digital or dial) and start heating your home or office instantly.

Mounting MethodWall-mounted
Wattage1000 watts
Weight16.52 pounds
Material(s)Lexan and steel


  • The 1000-watt output ensures enough heat without costing too much energy.
  • It’s one of the most energy-efficient baseboard heaters available.
  • The liquid-filled heating reservoir keeps it cool from end to end.
  • It doesn’t use a blower and is quite silent.
  • This baseboard heater is low-profile since it’s less than three inches thick.


  • It’s hard-wired, which means you’ll have to mount it and you can’t move it around.
  • This unit is up to three times heavier than portable models.

Best for a Large Room: KING 6K2015BW K Series Baseboard Heater

Nothing says heating a large room like the KING K-Series Baseboard Heater. The model comes in countless variants and two colors (white and almond), letting you decide how much heat you want to use and watts it consumes. Our preferred choice is the 208V 1500-watt 6K2015BW because it’s designed for large rooms.

KING 6K2015BW K Series Baseboard Heater, 6′ / 1500W / 208V, Bright White

Are you tired of your baseboard heater barely putting out enough heat? Cold winter days are often too uncomfortable for most baseboard heaters because they often take too long. However, the King heater uses heat’s tendency to rise paired with a wide face and vent to push out as much warmth as possible in a timely manner.

This heater uses everything from aluminum fins to a rustproof construction to prevent it from wearing down. If you notice any structural or electrical problems within the first 12 months, you can use the manufacturer’s warranty for repairs or replacements. This heater is safety-certified and tip-over protected.

Bottom Line: We truly believe the King K-Series Baseboard Heater is the top choice for large spaces. Whether you’re heating a big living room, conference room, or waiting area for patients in a professional setting, everyone will enjoy the comfortable warmth. Choose the correct size ranging from 500 to 1500 watts and decide if almond or white matches your needs.

Mounting MethodWall-mounted
Wattage1500 watts
Weight15 pounds
Material(s)Steel and aluminum


  • There are plenty of options to choose from, letting you find the perfect heater.
  • The wide grate produces a ton of heat in a short amount of time.
  • It uses steel, aluminum, and a rustproof coating for ultimate durability.
  • This heater comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • The 15-pound construction is a bit too heavy for some people.
  • You can’t move it after it’s mounted since it’s hard-wired.
  • This heater is six feet long, which is quite bulky.

Best for a High-Tech Design: Tangkula 750W/1500W Electric Baseboard Heater

If you enjoy the latest and greatest tech gadgets, the Tangkula Electric Baseboard Heater is for you. It comes with a remote to let you adjust through the settings, including two heating modes and a 24-hour timer. There’s also a digital membrane thermostat on top of the heater if you don’t want to use the remote.

Featuring two heating power of 750W or 1500W, our baseboard hardwire zone heater can be adjusted according to your needs.~~~[Adjustable Temperature & Timer] The temperature can be changed flexibly between 48°F and 98°F to suit different sizes of rooms or heating needs.~~~[Triple Safety Protection] We have set up a triple safety assurance in order to make for a much safer heater.~~~” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-price=”0″ hide-button=”0″ width=”750″]Tangkula 750W/1500W Electric Baseboard Heater

The heating range is between 48 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit (8.9 to 36.6 Celsius). There’s a red switch on the right side that lets you turn it on and off for instant heating. You’ll also enjoy the overheating, anti-tip-over, and cool surface safety standards implemented by this company to protect anyone who uses it.

Another significant benefit is the low-noise output. It’s one of the quietest baseboard heaters, and it doesn’t shake, rumble, or thump as it gets warmer. The air flows through the bottom of the heater, warms over the fins, and becomes hotter immediately. This design eliminates the need for a front or back grate and uses gravity to get the job done.

Bottom Line: This heater has it all; Techie upgrades, safety features, a compact design, and more. Thanks to the previously mentioned 24-hour timer, you can set the temperature and let it run its course without worrying about it overheating or running for too long. It includes a four-foot cable, so you can place it anywhere near an outlet.

Mounting MethodPortable
Wattage750 to 1500 watts
Weight6.5 pounds
Material(s)Stainless steel and aluminum
Connections120V plug


  • It includes a remote and a digital display with membrane buttons.
  • This baseboard heater is only 6.5 pounds.
  • Enjoy the tip-over protection and numerous other safety features.
  • Includes timers and a wide temperature range for any season.
  • Choose between 750 to 1500 watts of heating.


  • This heater is smaller than most, so it takes longer to warm a room.

Best for Energy Savings: Heat Wave Convector Baseboard Heater

Last but not least is the Heat Wave Convector Baseboard Heater. This model boasts a powerful, yet energy-efficient 1000-watt output and only weighs 4.89 pounds. Despite the fact that it’s one of the lightest baseboard heaters on our list, it’s quite durable. The heater uses hardened plastic to make it cool to touch without burning your hands on steel or aluminum grates.

Heat Wave 1,000 Watt Convector Baseboard Heater, Black

You can use this heater for rooms up to 400 square feet, so it’s more than ideal for bedrooms, small living rooms, garages, and more. Two knobs on top of the unit make it easy to turn on and adjust instantly; No need for additional thermostat purchases. It’s also one of the most affordable models we’ve found.

When this heater gets too warm, has a vent blocked, or overheats, it turns off. You can rest assured it’s made to prevent any potential hazards and errors that couldn’t ruin itself. The lowest setting on this baseboard heater drops the wattage consumption down to 500, which is great if you don’t want to spike your energy bill.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to save money on a high-quality baseboard heater while reducing your energy costs, the Heat Wave model is a fantastic choice. Use two simple knobs on top of the heater to control everything from the heat output to wattage consumption and more. It’s great for rooms below 400 sq. ft.

Mounting MethodPortable
Wattage1000 watts
Weight4.89 pounds
Material(s)Hardened plastic
Connections120V plug


  • This heater is lightweight, portable, and budget-friendly.
  • Switch between two heating modes to adjust the BTUs and wattage consumption.
  • It uses a 120V plug to install wherever you want to.
  • This heater is less than 5 pounds.
  • The hardened plastic prevents burns and overheating.


  • While the plastic is beneficial for the item’s weight and overheating issues, it’s not as tough as steel or aluminum.
  • The small size makes it slower to heat than other models.

Final Thoughts

The Fahrenheat FBE15002 is hard to beat when it comes to price, efficiency, and longevity. Its flush design combines an affordable price and quiet heating to make it a top-notch choice for many people.

There are dozens of baseboard heaters to look through, but I believe there’s no competition if you dive into the details of this electric model.


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