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GE Oven Control Panel Not Working? Top 3 Causes (+ Fixes)

A GE oven control panel is the communication medium between you and the oven. It allows you to use the oven control button or pads to set the temperature and perform other functions, including troubleshooting error codes. If your GE oven control panel isn’t working, you won’t be able to control your oven functions, which can be frustrating and time-wasting. 

The following are the 3 most common causes of GE oven control panels not working:

  • There’s no power to the control panel.
  • The “Lock Controls” feature is activated.
  • The electronic control board is malfunctioning.

I’ll tell you what these problems mean when operating your GE oven and how you can quickly resolve them to get your oven back in operation ASAP. Let’s dive in!

There’s No Power to the Control Panel

All your GE oven components need power to run. If your GE oven control panel buttons aren’t responsive and the display is blank, you’re probably dealing with a power issue. 

Power issues affecting your oven control panel operation include:

  • An outlet switch that’s turned off
  • A loosely plugged cable
  • A damaged oven power cord
  • A tripped circuit breaker (a blown fuse)
  • A dead wall outlet.
  • Insufficient voltage to the range or oven

How To Fix GE Oven Control Panel Power Issues

Address the issues listed above in the following order:

  1. Ensure the switch to the wall outlet supplying power to your GE range or oven is turned on.
  2. Check to see that you’ve plugged the oven power cable into the wall outlet.
  3. Assess the oven power cord for damage or breakages. Replace the cord if you notice any signs of damage.
  4. Open the circuit breaker housing and check if the oven switch is tripped. This means it’s turned downwards instead of upwards. If so, turn it back up to restore the power supply to your range. If your home uses a fuse in place of a circuit breaker, ensure the fuse isn’t blown. If the switch feels hard to turn, call a trained technician to service the circuit breaker.
  5. Plug a different appliance into the wall outlet supplying power to your range or oven to see if it receives power. If it does, your GE oven has a different issue.
  6. Use a multimeter to assess the wall outlet for voltage. A wall outlet for a GE electric oven should record around 240V, while that of a GE gas oven should show around 120V. Ask an expert to do this test if you don’t feel up to the task. 

The “Lock Controls” Feature Is Activated

The “Lock Controls” is a feature in GE ovens that allows you to deactivate the control panel in dual fuel and GE gas ranges.

If you’re not the only person at home using the oven, another user could activate the “Lock Controls” feature. This may cause you to think the control panel is unresponsive when you need to use the oven. 

How To Fix GE Oven “Lock Controls” Feature

First, check to ensure that you’re dealing with the oven’s “Lock Controls” function. You’ll know this by checking if “LOC” appears on display. If this is the case, deactivate the “Lock Controls” by pressing the “9” and “0” pads simultaneously until the “LOC” message disappears. 

See this quick GE video on YouTube for a demonstration of the above: 

In some models, pressing the “Control Lockout” pad for 3 seconds will clear the “LOC” message.

The Electronic Control Board Is Malfunctioning

The oven electronic control board acts as your oven’s brain by storing data and executing the commands sent through the control panel. If it malfunctions, the control panel won’t work either, and you can’t run or control the oven functions.

How To Fix a Malfunctioning GE Oven Electronic Control Board

First, try resetting the electronic control board by cycling power (i.e., turning it off and on after a minute). If resetting the board doesn’t work, you need to replace the electronic control board. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the GE oven off.
  2. Remove the control panel by unscrewing it at the front and the rear.
  3. Remove the control panel connection wires.
  4. Unscrew the control board to release it from the panel.
  5. Peel off the overlay from the old control board and stick it onto the new one.
  6. Take the reverse steps to screw back the control board on the panel, replace the connection wires, and screw back the control board panel. 

This YouTube video is a quick demonstration of these steps: 

Note: The electronic control board is a pricey oven component. If you’re not sure it has malfunctioned, have a professional GE oven technician assess it for defects before replacing it.