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GE Oven Remote Enable Not Working? FIXED

The most common reason your GE oven’s remote enable feature is not working is due to poor Internet connectivity, disconnection from the GE appliance app – SmartHQ, or the feature being turned off. To troubleshoot the issue, check your Internet connection and verify that your oven is connected to SmartHQ. If the problem persists, follow our quick fixes to have your oven operating remotely again in no time.

Like me, if you have a smart oven, you can remotely control your cooking experience from anywhere. I joined the Smart GE oven community two years ago, and I believe it’s a good luxury. However, that luxury could be cut short if your Smart GE oven Remote Enable is not working. But there’s nothing to worry about; it’s an issue that’s easy to fix

In this article, I’ll explore the most common causes of GE oven Remote Enable issues and provide step-by-step solutions to help you fix the problem and get your oven back up and working remotely.

Reasons Why GE Oven Remote Enable May Not Be Working

  • Poor internet connectivity at home or your current location
  • GE Oven disconnected to the GE appliance app – SmartHQ
  • Incorrect setup of the SmartHQ
  • Faulty hardware or wiring
  • Outdated firmware or software

Let’s dive into quick fixes for each of these possible causes.

How to Fix Ge Oven Remote Enable Issues

Check Your Connection to the Network

To control your GE oven remotely, your phone needs to be connected to a stable Wi-Fi or cellular network at your current location, while your GE oven needs to stay connected to a stable home Wi-Fi network.

If this is not the case, the remote Enable pad on the oven control panel will not respond, and you won’t be able to make any commands on the SmartHQ app on your phone. So there are three things to check:

  • Check that your GE oven is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi.
  • Check for any network-related issues or errors that could be affecting your home’s connectivity, such as the stability of your Wi-Fi network.
  • Ensure that your device has stable access to the Internet since you’re probably outside the house.
  • Consider troubleshooting your home network if network issues persist.

How to Troubleshoot Your Home Network

  1. Open the SmartHQ app on your phone and go to the Wi-Fi settings. 
  2. Go to “Choose Home Network.” Your home network will likely not appear on the list of available networks. Proceed to choose the “Other” option.
  3. Enter the name of your home network and key in the password. Your SmartHQ app should now locate your home network. 
  4. If your home network is unavailable, move the router closer to your smart oven. Placing a Wi-Fi extender between the oven and the router is also an option. You’ll need to purchase the extender, though.

If your home network still does not appear on the SmartHQ app, seek assistance with network connectivity by calling GE Connected Home Support at 1-800-220-6899.

Check for App Updates

Your GE oven’s trouble with working remotely could be related to an outdated SmartHQ app. Check that your phone or tablet runs the most recent version of the GE appliances app – SmartHQ. 

Also, check for any missing updates on the GE Appliances app. Ensure your current version of the SmartHQ matches the most up-to-date versions on Google Play or the Apple App Store. We recommend regularly checking for app updates instead of waiting for a breakdown first.

Verify Your GE Appliances App (Smart Hq) Setup

If you’ve just downloaded the SmartHQ app but have not set up the built-in Wi-Fi, your oven won’t appear on the app, nor will the Remote Enable icon on the oven control.

Also, if the connection between the oven and SmartHQ app is lost for some reason or wasn’t set up at all upon installation, you’ll need to configure the connection between these two devices correctly.

  • Ensure that the app is configured correctly to control your GE oven.
  • Ensure the app is permitted to access the oven’s controls and features.

How To Correctly Configure SmartHQ for your GE Oven

  • Find your “Appliance Network” password somewhere around the oven door. You’ll need this password to connect the appliance and the SmartHQ. 
  • Press the “Remote Enable” pad on your GE oven for 3 seconds until the Wi-Fi icon displays and flashes.
  • Enter the Network name in the SmartHQ app and the “Appliance Network” password. Your oven and the app should be connected and start communicating. 

If the connection issue is not resolved by doing this, send a support request email to or call 1-800-220-6899.

The Remote Enable Feature on Your GE Oven Control is Off

All the above fixes won’t matter if the Remote Enable feature is turned Off on your GE oven’s control panel. This often happens during a power outage, at the end of a cooking cycle, or when you accidentally press the Remote Enable pad once more after enabling it. 

For older models, you’ll need to manually turn the Remote Enable feature ON by pressing the Remote Enable pad on the physical oven control. Newer GE oven models (2021 onwards) allow you to turn the feature ON from the SmartHQ app.

GE Appliances recommends you reactivate the feature after the cooking cycle is completed. That way, you have it working the next time you need to control your oven remotely.

How Do You Remotely Enable My GE Oven?

  1. Open the SmartHQ app on your phone.
  2. Press the Remote Enable pad on your Smart Ge oven control for 3 seconds. The oven will display a slow flash first and then show a solid Network icon. You can now use the Remote Enable feature.

Check the specific instructions for your model in the “Special Features” section of the Owner’s Manual.

Inspect Your GE Oven’s Hardware or Firmware

Only check your GE oven’s hardware when all other previous fixes have not worked. Rarely does it get to hardware issues, but understand that if your oven’s overall health and wiring are not okay, it could prevent the remote enable the feature from working.

  • Check for any loose or damaged wiring that could be affecting the remote enable feature.
  • Check for any physical damage or wear and tear on the oven’s hardware, specifically the Remote Enable pad on the oven’s control.
  • Contact a professional technician if you are unable to identify any issues yourself.
  • Check online for any missing updates on the oven’s firmware and software. Your GE oven also relies on the firmware to communicate wirelessly with the GE appliances app on your phone. 
  • Ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of any required software.


Your GE Oven’s Remote Enable feature might not work because of a network issue from your device or your home’s Wi-Fi network, a failed configuration of the SmartHQ app, or the Remote Enable feature being turned off.

To resolve the issue, check that the Remote Enable feature is ON; you can do this remotely (for newer models) or manually on the oven’s control. Also, troubleshoot for Internet connection issues; in the worst case, troubleshoot the oven’s hardware and firmware. 

It is important to frequently update your HQ app and oven’s firmware to avoid such issues. Call a professional if the issue still persists after trying all our quick DIY fixes.


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