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GE Oven Remote Enable Not Working? Here’s Why + How to Fix

If you own a Smart GE oven, you can live the good life using the Remote Enable feature by remotely controlling your cooking experience. However, that luxury could be cut short if your Smart GE oven Remote Enable is not working.

There are 3 likely reasons the GE oven Remote Enable feature isn’t working:

  • Your Home Network is not working
  • Your GE oven is not connected to SmartHQ
  • The Remote Enable feature on your oven control is off

Read the rest of the article to see how each cause makes your GE oven Remote Enable Feature inactive and how you can easily and quickly fix the problem.

Your Home Network Is Not Working

Your GE oven has to be connected to your home network before you can use the Remote Enable feature. If this is not the case, the remote Enable pad on the oven control panel will not respond, and you won’t be able to make any commands on the SmartHQ app on your phone.

How To Fix

A home network that’s not working has router issues or is not receiving the wireless signal. You’ll need to troubleshoot the network following these steps:

  1. Open the SmartHQ app on your phone and go to the Wi-Fi settings. 
  2. Go to “Choose Home Network.” Your home network will likely not appear on the list of available networks. Proceed to choose the “Other” option.
  3. Enter the name of your home network and key in the password. Your SmartHQ app should now locate your home network. 
  4. If your home network is still unavailable, move the router closer to your smart oven. Placing a Wi-Fi extender between the oven and the router is also an option. You’ll need to purchase the extender, though.

If your home network still does not appear on the SmartHQ app, seek assistance for network connectivity by calling GE Connected Home Support at this number: 1-800-220-6899.

Your GE Oven Is Not Connected to SmartHQ

To get your oven communication with the SmartHQ app, you need to connect it to the home network. If you’ve just downloaded the SmartHQ app but have not set up the built-in Wi-Fi, your oven won’t appear on the app, and neither will the Remote Enable icon on the oven control. Additionally, if the connection between the oven and SmartHQ app is lost for some reason, you’ll need to reconnect them again.

How To Fix

Use the “Appliance Network” password found somewhere around the oven door to connect the appliance and the SmartHQ. Follow these two steps:

  1. Press the “Remote Enable” pad on your GE oven for 3 seconds until the Wi-Fi icon displays and starts flashing.
  2. Enter the Network name in the SmartHQ app and then the “Appliance Network” password. Your oven and the app should be connected and start communicating. 

If the connection issue is not resolved by doing this, send a support request email to [email protected] or call 1-800-220-6899.

The Remote Enable Feature on Your GE Oven Control Is Off

To remotely control your GE oven, you need to press the Remote Enable pad on the oven control. However, Smart GE oven models from late 2021 onwards can be turned on remotely from the SmartHQ app without manually pressing the Remote Enable pad on the control.

On older Smart GE models, Remote Enable is canceled:

  • At the end of every cooking cycle when you open the oven to take out the food.
  • If you press the Remote Enable pad again after you have enabled it.

As such, you’ll need to reactivate the feature when you need to use it again. GE Appliances advises that you reactivate the feature soon after the cooking cycle is completed. That way, you have it working the next time you need to control your oven remotely.

How To Fix

  1. Open the SmartHQ app on your phone.
  2. Press the Remote Enable pad on your Smart Ge oven control for 3 seconds. The oven will display a slow flash first and then show a solid Network icon. You can now use the Remote Enable feature.

Check the specific instructions for your model on the “Special Features” section of the Owner’s Manual.