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GE Oven Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi? Here’s Why (+ How To Fix)

GE smart ovens and ranges give you a high-tech cooking experience where you can remotely control and monitor your oven. But if your smart oven won’t connect to Wi-Fi, your cooking experience can turn into a nightmare instead of a demonstration of your pro cooking skills.

Here are 4 possible reasons your GE oven won’t connect to Wi-Fi:

  • Wrong “Appliance Network” password
  • Failed GE oven and SmartHQ app communication
  • SmartHQ app won’t locate the home Wi-Fi network
  • GE SmartHQ App connection is failing

This article gives quick troubleshooting solutions to these GE oven Wi-Fi issues.

You Have a Wrong “Appliance Network” Password

When you purchase your smart GE range or wall oven, you have to set up the built-in Wi-Fi using the “Remote Enable” feature. To do this, use the password provided with the “Connected Appliance Information” sticker found somewhere around the oven door. 

If you key in the wrong password, the SmartHQ app won’t locate your appliance, and your oven won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Also, the Wi-Fi icon on the oven control panel will most likely flash.

How To Fix GE Oven Wrong “Appliance Network” Password

Simply re-enter the correct appliance network password to resolve this issue. To do so:

  1. Select the “Remote Enable” pad on your oven control board until the Wi-Fi icon on the display starts to flash.
  2. Re-enter the Network name and “Appliance Network” password in the SmartHQ app. Your oven should connect to Wi-Fi.

If re-entering the correct password doesn’t resolve the issue, call the GE Connected Home Support number (1-800-220-6899) or email [email protected].

Failed Communication Between GE Oven and the SmartHQ App

Communication between your smart GE oven and the SmartHQ app can fail for two reasons:

  • Entering the wrong home Wi-Fi network or password
  • A SmartHQ app that’s not working

How To Restore GE Oven Communication With SmartHQ App

To determine which of the two issues above is interfering with the communication between your GE oven and the app, follow these steps:

  1. Re-enter the correct home Wi-Fi network name and password in the SmartHQ app. Then check if communication between the appliance and the app resumes. 
  2. Disconnect another device that uses the same Wi-Fi and manually enter the password. If the device connects, the SmartHQ app has an issue. If so, call GE Connected Home Support to resolve this issue. 

Your SmartHQ App Can’t Locate Home Network

Your home Wi-Fi network should appear in the list of available options on your SmartHQ app. If that’s not what’s happening, the network could be hidden, and your oven won’t be able to connect to the Wi-Fi. 

How To Locate Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Follow these steps to locate your home Wi-Fi network:

  1. On the SmartHQ app phone Wi-Fi settings, go to “Choose Home Network” and select “Other.”
  2. Manually enter your home network name and password. 
  3. If your SmartHQ app still doesn’t locate the home network, move the Wi-Fi router next to the appliance or order a Wi-Fi extender. Place the Wi-Fi extender between the oven and the router.

If your home Wi-Fi still doesn’t appear on the list and the SmartHQ app won’t locate it, contact GE Connected Home Support.

Your GE SmartHQ App Connection Is Failing

If none of the issues above explains why your GE oven won’t connect to Wi-Fi, the next most likely reason is that the app cannot locate your oven in the GEA Cloud. In this case, you’ll need to reboot the app.

How To Fix Failing GE SmartHQ App Connection

Confirm first that the Wi-Fi icon on your oven control panel is stable. If so, close the SmartHQ app and restart it. Restarting the app should reset it and make it work again. 

Should resetting the app not resolve the issue, consult GE Connected Home Support.