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How To Turn The Heat On In The Fedders Air Condition Unit

To turn on the heat in a Fedders air conditioner, switch on the unit by pressing the ON/OFF button. Once your air conditioner is on, press the mode button and select the heater option, represented by the sun icon. Adjust the temperature to the desired level by pressing the temp settings button. 

By default, the heating mode on a Fedders air condition unit can only be activated if the surrounding temperature is below 27℃

In this article, I will help you understand how your Fedders air conditioner works and share tips on how to keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently for longer. I will answer some frequently asked questions at the end of this article.

How To Set The Heat Function On Your Fedders Air Conditioner 

Turning the heat mode of your Fedders air conditioner is a simple process. You can turn on the heat function of your unit through the control panel or remote control. If your air conditioner has a digital control panel, you can find the heating function by navigating the menu options. 

Here are the steps to take to turn on the heating mode of your Fedders unit:

  • Locate the control panel on your Fedders AC or use the remote control.
  • Navigate the mode button to the heat function. If you use the remote control, press the mode button until you reach the heat option. The shining sun symbol usually represents the heat function.
  • Adjust temperature. You can set the desired temperature after locating and selecting the heat function.
  • Set the fan speed. Fan speed determines how quickly warm air is distributed in your room. Slow fan speed means that heat is distributed slowly. A higher fan speed allows for a faster heat distribution. Setting your fan at a high speed may cause your air conditioner to run noisily. 

Once you have done all the steps above, your air conditioner will take a few minutes to heat your room. If you can hear your fan running, it means your AC is working. Be patient; it takes a little time to start feeling warm.

Understanding Your Fedders Air Conditioning Unit

If you are a recent owner or are considering acquiring a Fedders air conditioner, you must familiarize yourself with your unit’s model name and number. You can find the model number on the nameplate attached to your air conditioner (AC).

Why is it important to know your model number and name? Knowing your unit’s number and name makes it easy to order any replacement parts and understand the function and capabilities of your AC. The model/number plate has crucial information about your Fedders AC. Your Fedders air conditioner should have a model identification number with these letters, numbers, and symbols: C 18A B D 1 __   V F.

I will explain what the numbers and letters on the nameplate mean or represent in the table below.

Letter, Symbol, or NumberMeaning
C/CHProduct type, C—Air Conditioner, CH— Heat pump
18 ANominal capacity
BRepresents series
DChassis size
IRefrigerant Variations
Electrical designation
VFitting type

How Does A Fedders Air Conditioner Heat My Room?

Traditionally, you had to purchase two appliances– an air conditioner for cooling your room in summer and a heater to warm you up in winter. With advances in technology, however, you can now buy a Fedders air conditioner that cools your room in summer and heat your home in winter just by changing the settings on the control panel. An air conditioner with cold and hot functions falls under the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. 

Fedders HVAC system uses the heat pump technology to provide heating and cooling functions. In the cooling setting, it uses a refrigerant to absorb heat inside your room and release it outside, leaving a comfortable temperature in your home.

Heat Pump

Heat Pump

In heating mode, your HVAC system extracts heat from the outside and releases it into your room. Where does the heat come from when it’s cold outside? The refrigerant in your unit can absorb heat even when temperatures are low because of its low boiling point. 

For example, the widely used R-410A refrigerant boils at -48℃. Once the refrigerant absorbs heat, it evaporates into a gas. The gas is then compressed, increasing its temperature. At this high temperature, the gas is forced into a condensation chamber and condenses back to liquid, releasing heat. The fan then blows the warm air into your space.

Maintaining Your Fedders Air Conditioning Unit

For your Fedders AC to work efficiently for longer, you should regularly inspect and clean parts of your unit. Regular maintenance can help you save on energy costs and prevent breakdowns of your Fedders. Before embarking on any maintenance work, unplug your unit from the power supply plugs.

Below are some maintenance tips:

Replace Or Clean Filters 

Due to air movement during use, dust and other foreign particles can clog your AC, preventing it from working efficiently. Clean or replace filters after 1–3 months, depending on usage. Some Fedders units have reusable filters that you can clean, while others need new replacement filters. Check your manual for guidance.

Clean The Coils

As your unit absorbs and releases heat, the condensers and evaporator coils can get dirty, reducing the AC’s ability to absorb and release heat. Check your manual on cleaning frequency recommendations. In a recently published article on this website, you can learn how to clean your air conditioner coils.

Clear The Surrounding Area

Clear the surrounding area of your outside unit. Cut or trim trees and maintain suitable distances from other buildings. A proper airflow pathway is critical for the efficient functioning of your Fedders AC.

Investigate Unusual Noises or Odors

Stop running your air conditioner and investigate any unusual noises or odors from your unit. If you need help identifying the problem, call a professional to check it.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Consider scheduling annual professional maintenance by a certified HVAC technician. A professional can thoroughly inspect and clean internal components, check refrigerant levels, and ensure your unit runs smoothly.

We have recently published articles on tips and maintenance and how to fix common air conditioning challenges. You can find the article here;


Understanding how to turn on the heat mode on your Fedders air conditioner is crucial for you to enjoy a warm and comfortable environment in your space. Turning on heat in a Fedders air conditioner is an easy process that you can do by pressing a few buttons on your unit’s control panel or remote control. On some Fedders models with an auto function, you can set the timer to switch your AC on/off at the selected time.

Fedders air conditioners are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than other forms of heating like gas and electrical heaters. They use less electricity and heat your room evenly.

Regular inspection and maintenance of your Fedders unit is critical to keep it in good working condition. Changing and replacing filters of your AC unit can keep your Fedders running efficiently for longer.


Can I use my Fedders AC as a primary heating source in my home?

Yes, you can use your Fedders AC as a primary heat source in your home. Air conditioners can heat your home more effectively and efficiently than other heating sources.

How often should I change or replace filters on my AC?

Refer to the manual of your specific model. However, the general standard is to change your filters every three months. You can change your filters more frequently if your air conditioner runs in a dusty environment.

My filter is making unusual noises. What does it mean?

Stop running your air conditioner immediately and inspect where the noise is coming from, or call an HVAC-certified professional to check your unit.

Do all air conditioners have a heat function?

No, it is not all air conditioners that have a heat function. Traditional air conditioners have a cooling function only. Only heat pumps that fall into the HVAC systems have heat and cool settings. You can identify if yours is a heat pump by checking if the remote or control panel has the heat function, usually represented by the sun icon. 


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