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GE Oven Won’t Stop Beeping? Here’s Why (+ How to Fix)

An oven beep is ok if it happens once to mark the end of a cooking cycle. However, if your GE oven keeps beeping, you will worry about what’s causing it and probably find the beeping noise annoying.

There are two possible reasons a GE oven won’t stop beeping:

  • A “special features” (SF) setting.
  • A malfunctioning display board or touch control panel.

This article gives you details on these two causes of GE ovens’ continuous beeping and discusses what to do to stop the noise in each case. 

Your GE Oven Has a 6-Second Beep “Special Features Setting”

GE ovens have a “special features” option to customize oven operation and controls. Instructions on how to use the special features menu are included in your model’s User Manual.

The “End of Cycle Tone” is one of the options in a GE oven’s special features menu. Usually, your oven will make 3 short beeps when a timed cycle is complete. Consequently, the oven will continue making a beep every six seconds until you press the OFF/CLEAR button.

If you forget to hit the “OFF/CLEAR” pad after a timed cycle for some reason, your GE oven will keep beeping.

How To Fix

The 6-second beep in a GE oven is a normal operation. As such, if your GE oven keeps beeping after a cooking cycle, the most obvious solution is to hit the “OFF/CLEAR” button as soon as you hear the three beeps.

If the continuous beeping after a cycle annoys you and you don’t want to hear it if you delay pressing the “OFF/CLEAR” pad, you can cancel it. Follow these steps: 

  1. Press and hold the “Bake” and “Broil” pads simultaneously for three seconds. You will see ‘SF’ displayed on the panel.
  2. Press the “KITCHEN TIMER” button. ‘CON BEEP’ will be displayed, which is the short form for ‘continuous beeping.’
  3. Hit the “KITCHEN TIMER” once more, and ‘BEEP’ will be displayed. This means that the 6-second continuous beeping is canceled. Now, your oven will only make the 3 first beeps to alert you at the end of a cooking cycle.
  4. Press the “START” button to effect the change.

Note: In GE double wall ovens, this process is done with the upper oven, but the changes also apply to the bottom oven.

A Malfunctioning Display Board or Touch Control Panel

I put these two issues together because beeping in a GE oven can be caused by either of them, and you need to eliminate one to know if the other is the problem.

The oven display board and the touch control panel are the two main parts of your GE oven’s electronic control assembly. If they malfunction, they’ll present similar symptoms, which can lead to addressing the wrong issue.

If your GE oven has a bad display board, it may beep and display an ‘F1’ error code or make a rhythmic beeping noise without displaying any error codes.

If the oven has a faulty touch control panel, it could beep randomly and may or may not present the ‘F1’ error code. The random beep comes from unregulated pad pressing following the control panel malfunction.

How To Fix 

Determine first if the problem is with the display board or the touch panel. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Cut the power supply to the oven at the circuit breaker or turn off the switch and unplug.
  2. Open the control board cover panel and remove the touchpad ribbon from the board.
  3. Turn on the power to see if the beeping resumes. If it does, the beeping is caused by a bad control board, and you need to replace it.
  4. If the beeping does not resume, wait for 30 minutes to fully confirm it has stopped. If it doesn’t resume after 30 minutes, the touchpad is faulty, which is why the beeping is not heard when it’s disconnected. Replace the touchpad.

Call in a trained GE oven technician to perform the above steps if you don’t feel up to the task. The GE oven professional will also replace the faulty part of the oven’s electronic control assembly.