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Char Broil Grill Not Heating Up? Here’s Why (+ How to Fix)

Char broil grills are perfect for maintaining internal heat for grilling all sorts of meals. However, various issues can cause the grill to not heat properly. Not only does it add to the grilling time, but it can also prevent the food from soaking up the spices and moisture needed for a high-quality meal.

Your Char Broil grill isn’t heating up because there’s not enough gas going to the igniter, the electric heating element needs to be replaced, or the flame tamers are clogged with food and debris. A malfunctioning regulator can also limit the gas flowing through the grill, lowering the temperature.

Throughout this article, we’ll break down why your Char Broil grill isn’t heating up, what you can do about it, and a few tips to prevent it from happening again. We’ll also discuss why your grill might be heating too low when it’s on the lowest setting.

Why Is My Char Broil Grill Not Heating Up?

Here’s an in-depth list of explanations about why your Char Broil grill won’t heat up:

  • If you have a gas Char Broil grill, clogged fuel lines are a very common cause of low-heat problems. Fuel lines are designed to bring gas from the propane tank to the igniters. If something’s blocking the passage, there won’t be enough gas to burn the flame at high temperatures.
  • The grill might not heat up if there’s too much debris on the heating grates or plates. According to Char-Broil, leftover debris can block the burners, which prevents the flame from coming through them. You might notice a small flame, but it’ll gradually go away as the buildup increases.
  • Low-quality fuel doesn’t burn as well as high-end fuel, causing it to heat lower and slower. Always choose the correct fuel that’s rated for your Char Broil grill. If you use off-brand or low-end gas for the grill, it’ll burn at uneven rates. The flame will be too low and unpredictable, which stops it from heating the food.
  • Gas leaks can prevent the fire from getting hot enough to grill the food evenly. Ensure all of the gas hose connections are tightened, and there’s no leak coming from the O-rings. Don’t forget to look for gas leaks around the propane tank and smell the air to know if propane is leaving the grill.
  • Loose electrical connections will stop an electric Char Broil grill from getting up to the proper temperature. Most Char Broil grills are gas-powered, but their electric models can experience heating issues, too. If the wires aren’t tightened, or there’s not enough power supplied from the mainline, it won’t heat correctly.

There are many other reasons a Char Broil grill might not be heating up quick enough, including a malfunctioning temperature sensor, broken or bent igniters, and incorrect electrical wiring. For all of the repairs you need to know about, read on.

How Do You Fix Your Char Broil Grill Not Heating Up?

To fix your Char Broil grill not heating up, follow these instructions:

  1. Turn off the grill to ensure there’s no gas or electricity running through it. The last thing you want is to encourage gas leaks, misfires, or shocks. It’s best to turn off all of the switches, then disconnect the electricity or propane tank hooked to your Char Broil grill (depending on which model you have).
  2. Unclog all of the gas valves to get rid of excess debris that’s limiting the flow. Haley Comfort recommends using a thin, durable wire to brush all of the debris out of the line. If you notice cracks, leaks, or worn O-rings, now is the time to replace them with new parts to prevent low-heat issues.
  3. Check the igniters to make sure they’re not bent, broken, or clogged. The igniters are supposed to be face up and at a slight angle. If they’re bent downward or straight up, they won’t be able to ignite the spark that comes through. Make sure they’re pointed over the gas ports to catch the flame throughout the grilling session.
  4. Inspect the heating elements if you have an electric Char Broil grill. Heating elements are the bottom plates under the grilling area. If they’re corroded, rusted, or misplaced, they won’t be able to heat the grill.
  5. Clean all of the flame tamers to remove all of the build-up. Scrub them with a grill brush to get rid of everything on them. Dripping oil, food, and other debris can cover the tamers. They’ll limit the flames flowing through the bottom portion. The result is an unheated Char Broil grill.

As you can see, fixing a Char Broil grill that won’t heat up depends on if it’s gas or electric. Gas grills usually have more heating problems than electric ones, but they’re much easier to fix. The repairs are typically much cheaper, too. If you want to know more about common causes for low-heat issues, read on.

Why Does Your Grill Get Too Low on the Lowest Setting?

Your Char Broil grill gets too low on the lowest setting because the regulator is broken or malfunctioning. Turn off all of the flames, unhook the gas hose, and turn off the gas lines. Open the grill and turn on each of the burners without the gas running through them for a couple of minutes. Connect everything back to the grill to restart the regulator.

SFGate suggests that a regulator can get disrupted, making it think there’s more heat going to the grill than there actually is. Resetting the regulator with the aforementioned process will let you know if it’s the regulator, sensor, or a clog. If the flame dies when it’s on the lowest setting, there’s more than likely not enough fuel or a blockage in the gas line.

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