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Vornado 723DC Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Staying cool and comfortable during the hot summer months doesn’t need to be expensive. Besides using your cooling fan wisely, an energy-efficient model can help lower your utility bills significantly.

Pros of the Vornado 732DC

  • Nearly endless speeds allow you to create a personalized airflow to meet your needs.
  • Sleek design and stylish white finish will effortlessly complement your home décor.
  • It moves a lot of air, cooling off everyone in the room.
  • Whisper quiet at low and medium speeds for your convenience.
  • It will save you money on your energy bills.
  • Sturdy construction with zero vibrations
  • A 10-year satisfaction guarantee against workmanship and material defects shows Vornado’s commitment to this product’s quality.
  • Smooth surface makes it easy to clean

Cons of the Vornado 723DC

  • The power cord is a bit short
  • Gets noisy at higher speeds
  • A bit pricey
  • No remote for the price

Should You Get This?

Fans can be effective during those hot and sticky summer days. They come in different styles and sizes, so you can easily get overwhelmed if you don’t have a clue what to look for.

Your utmost priority is to find one that can cool everyone in the room.

The first thing you should consider is the fan style. There are numerous types of fans available from floor to tabletop, window to box, pedestal, tower, and ceiling fans.

Floor, ceiling, pedestal, and tower fans are great at moving significant amounts of air. This means they are suitable for medium to larger spaces. Tabletop and box fans are great for smaller rooms while a window fan can cool an entire house, but there’s a catch– the outside air must be cooler than inside.

Another important factor to consider is the cooling power. This measures the amount of air a fan pushes per minute. So the higher the cubic feet per minute, the more air a fan will blow. When determining CFM, a number of factors come into play, including; blade size (length and shape), blade pitch, and fan’s motor.

While CFM is key, keep energy efficiency in mind. You can have a fan with a high CFM but consumes more power. Look for powerful energy-efficient models like the Vornado 723DC.

But is this unit worth it?

Vornado continues to make a name for itself when it comes to household fans. These fans are best known for their superior quality, unique airflow, and generous warranties. And the 723DC stays true to Vornado’s quality standards.

The 723DC comes with variable speed control, which provides better comfort than three-speed fans. You can ramp it up to higher speeds or turn it down to the lowest speed. Getting the precise amount of cool air is what makes this unit exceptional.

This super sleek little unit also comes in a white gloss finish and a unique steel curved tube to cool you with style. It’s equipped with a DC motor like most Vornado fans to deliver high performance and energy efficiency.

Additionally, it’s backed by a 10-year warranty, which is quite remarkable. So if you’re looking for a floor fan with a solid cooling performance, impressive design, and a few thoughtful extras, the Vornado 723DC is a terrific option.

Why the Vornado 723DC Is Worth It

Here’s why you should consider getting the 723:

You’re Not Limited to Set Speeds

If you’ve ever used a three/four-speed fan, then you know how limiting it is. It’s impossible to get the exact airflow that you need. But with the 723DC variable speed, you can adjust it to whichever speed you feel most comfortable. This is one of the biggest selling points of this fan.

The infinite speeds also give you the convenience of controlling the noise, unlike fixed speed fans. There some ranges that can be too loud to your liking; hence you’d like to avoid them.

Peace of Mind for 10 Years

Very few brands can match Vornado’s generous warranties. When a company offers a 10-year warranty on a product, it means they believe in it. This is a huge deal, especially if you’re paying a significant sum of money for it.

This is the case with the Vornado 723DC. It’s a bit pricey, but the generous warranty will cover you in case it malfunctions.

Bear in mind; the warranty is null and void if you don’t use 120 volts/60 hertz. So if you’re planning to ship this product to a country that uses a 220-volt adaptor, you’ll bear the repair costs in case of any damage.

Impressive Size and Design

Boosting a sleek profile, this fan can perfectly complement any home or room. What makes it even better is the stylish look and smooth easy-care white finish.

The color brightens up the room, is easier to clean, and has a homey feel. The downside of any white appliance is that they tend to show dirt, marks, dust easily and often need to be cleaned.

When it comes to size, the 732DC is pretty modest. It’s 18.2 inches tall, 16.3 inches deep, 18.2 inches wide, and weighs just 11 pounds. This means it won’t take up much floor space, and you can move it anywhere you want with ease.

The simple to use control dial is conveniently located at the back. The curved metallic tube is quite unique and stable, as well. So you don’t have to worry about vibrations or the fan tipping over. The small vanes are also a great safety feature, especially if you have kids and pets around. They prevent little fingers from sticking inside the fan.

Blows a Good Amount of Air

Despite its small size, the 723DC moves a significant amount of cool air without making too much noise. This makes it suitable for small and medium-sized rooms. The Vortex Action and brushless DC motor are forces behind the powerful, consistent airflow. 

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

The not-so-great things that you have to deal with when you buy the Vornado 723DC include:

Gets Noisy at Higher Speeds

The Vornado 723DC is relatively quiet at medium speeds, but as speed increases, so do the noise levels, but nothing unobtrusive. However, if you’re sensitive to sound, you may find higher speed levels as invasive.

Bear in mind this model is not louder than other fans out there with the same power output. Just like any powerful fan, it gets noisy when you crank it up.

High Price

For such a small floor fan, the Vornado 723DC is quite pricey. While it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of a high-end fan, the 723DC packs some power. This takes precedence over bonus features. However, for the price, a remote control should have been included.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much air does it move on both low and high settings?

The 723DC comes with a broad range of speed settings, but on the lowest, it moves 93 cfm, and on the highest, 655 cfm.

Can you clean the blades, and how do you do it?

The front grill is removable, making it easy to clean the blades. When it comes to cleaning, use a damp cloth to first wipe away dust from the surface. Then apply an all-purpose cleaner or soap to a damp cloth or sponge and wipe thoroughly. Use a clean cloth to dry it off completely –this step is crucial as we all know water and electricity don’t mix.

For motor cleaning, the manufacturer recommends using compressed air.

Is this made of plastic or metal?

Besides the curved metal stand, the fan is made of plastic. 

Final Thoughts

The Vornado 723DC is a pretty decent floor fan. While it’s a bit pricey and lacks some features that make other Vornado units stand out, like a remote-control and adjustable base –its powerful airflow, sleek design, and energy efficiency make it a worthwhile investment.