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Pool Accessories For A Fun And Safe Summer

Pool accessories can transform your swimming experience from a dull routine exercise to a memorable, fun, and entertaining experience for your family. There are accessories for all ages, from a 6-month toddler to an 85-year-old granny who wants to float in the pool. However, knowing which accessories to choose can be a challenge.

The swimming pool environment must be clean and safe for users. Accessories such as chlorine tablet holders ensure the chlorine is released effortlessly into your pool. Floaties increase the number of pool activities you and your family can enjoy.

Pool accessories can also improve the aesthetics of your backyard. Lighting your pool with floating solar lights increases visibility in your backyard, making it easy to see intruders. 

In this article, I will look at different types of pool accessories and discuss how they have become indispensable tools for swimming pool owners worldwide. 

Categorizing Pool Accessories  

Pool accessories fall under three major categories: 

  • Safety accessories
  • Enjoyment/ fun accessories
  • Health and hygiene accessories

Let’s look at these in greater detail. 

Pool Safety Accessories

Pool safety accessories increase safety in and around the pool area. Swimming pool time is associated with fun. Do not let a tragedy spoil your poolside experience.

Stop Drowning Now, an organization that educates and eliminates drowning in communities shares some shocking statistics. For instance, the organization reports that 3,500 to 4,000 people drown annually in the US. That translates to an average of 10 fatal drownings daily.

I can not emphasize this enough, every swimming pool owner must invest in accessories that enhance the safety of their pool.

Here are some safety accessories to consider:

Pool Solar Lights

Solar-powered pool lights are ideal for your pool because they are cheap and low maintenance. They allow you to reduce your energy bill without compromising your lighting and safety needs.

Having solar lights by your poolside adds to the aesthetics and ambiance of your pool area. They give you safe access to your pool at night. Solar-powered LED lights can light your pool area the whole night.  

A floating pool light provides a desirable night-time feature if you have a barbecue, throw a pool party, or entertain guests.

Pool Barriers

A pool barrier is a physical obstacle around or over the pool to restrict access. It protects pets and kids from wandering into the pool unsupervised.

According to the CDC, drowning is the leading cause of infant deaths (ages 1-4). Most infant drownings occur in backyard pools owned by family, relatives, or friends. You don’t want to remember your swimming pool for the wrong reasons. 

The US consumer product safety commission (CPSC) offers safety barrier guidelines for backyard pools. Pool barriers can be fences, walls, or safety covers over the swimming pool.  If you erect a fence or build a wall around your pool, ensure the gate has an automatic locking system and always stays locked. Your swimming pool fence or wall should be 4ft or higher.

Pool Accessories For Fun And Entertainment

Enjoyment or fun accessories enhance the pool experience and help kids and adults enjoy their time in the water. Such accessories include solar blankets, floats, swimming pool ladders, and floating Bluetooth speakers. 

Solar Blanket

A solar blanket is a pool cover that absorbs solar energy from the sun and converts it into heat energy to heat your pool during the day. At night it prevents heat from leaving your pool. This helps in maintaining a comfortable water temperature. 

Ensure your pool stays covered with the solar blanket between swims for better results. This will always maintain your pool water at a comfortable swimming temperature. A solar blanket can protect your pool from debris, such as leaves and twigs.

Pool solar blankets reduce surface evaporation by up to 95%. Why is surface evaporation terrible for your pool? When water evaporates from your pool, only pure water leaves. Water remaining in your pool will have a higher total dissolved solids value (TDS) and calcium hardness. This will leave your pool with a pH balance outside the recommended levels.


Swimming pool floats are inflatable gadgets that float in water. They assist you in staying afloat. You can wear or ride on them. There are swimming floats for kids, like the arm floaties, that help with swimming lessons. Adult floaties are for relaxation and enjoyment in the pool. 

I always pack my Aqua Campania 2-in-1 float when going on holiday. It is comfortable and relaxing. I do all my summer reading on it. It has a cupholder, so I never get thirsty. It adds negligible weight to my luggage at 3.85 lbs (1.76 kg).

The most widely used floats are PVC inflatables. PVC inflatables are portable and cheaper than foam or fabric floats. However, fabric and foam floats are more comfortable and durable than PVC inflatables.

Always select inflatables made of thick materials to avoid accidental perforations. Another crucial factor to consider is the valve technology. Choose an inflatable with a sturdy valve to ensure air is tightly sealed for the duration of use. 

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Floating Pool Tray

A floating pool tray is a tray designed to float and carry your essentials close to you as you swim. It can take your snacks, drinks, and books. 

A floating tray is made out of light but stable, water-resistant material that can float and support the weight of its contents. 

A floating pool tray lets you stay in the water longer. It eliminates the need to get in and out of your pool to refill those wine glasses or catch a snack. You can stack all your food and drink requirements on the floating tray for your time in the pool. You can freely use both hands now that you don’t have to hold your book or wine glass.

In the spirit of having fun by the poolside, check out the YouTube video from the Snappy Casual Living channel below.

Floating Bluetooth Speaker 

Are you hosting a pool party?  The floating Bluetooth speaker is for you. It is water-resistant and connects to your phone or tablet. It allows you, your family, and your friends to listen to your favorite tunes as you float away in your pool.

Floating Water Games Equipment.

You can play all kinds of games in your pool. All you need is to find the right accessories. Floating nets and hoops can allow you to play volleyball and basketball in your swimming pool. 

Swimming Pool Ladders

Swimming pool ladders work both as safety and fun accessories. They provide safe exit and entry points into your pool. 

According to the Florida Building Codes (FBC), all swimming pools with a depth of 24 inches (50.8 cm) in the shallow end should have a ladder. You can use swimming pool ladders as makeshift diving boards. 

Kids can have fun diving into the pool. However, they must be under adult supervision to avoid accidents. Choose a swimming pool ladder made of durable and non-corrosive material. 

Pool Umbrellas

You can relax under a pool umbrella to take a break from the water but still be part of the poolside fun. It protects you from direct sunlight and provides shade to cool down outside your swimming pool.

Health and Hygiene Accessories

Health and hygiene accessories keep your pool environment clean and free of harmful pathogens that may infest your pool water. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 208 treated recreational water swimming-related illness outbreaks were reported from 2015 to 2019. 

Let’s look at some healthy and hygiene accessories you can put on your list. 

Chlorine Tablet Holder

As a backyard pool owner, you manage your pool’s chlorine concentration and pH levels. Pool water must always be clean and maintain a chemical balance that is safe for your family to swim. Chlorine is a chemical you add to your pool water to kill germs. 

One easy way to maintain optimal chlorine levels in your pool is to use chlorine tablets. They are popular with pool owners because they are easy to use. 

A floating chlorine dispenser is a compact and efficient device designed to conveniently and safely distribute chlorine into your pool. Just put the required number of tablets for your swimming pool into a floating chlorine tablet holder, and you’re done. The tablets will dissolve gradually, automatically realizing the set quantity of chlorine in your pool. 

Chlorine levels are recommended at 2 – 4 parts per million (ppm). Levels lower than two ppm create conditions conducive to bacteria and algae growth, which puts swimmers at serious risk of contracting conditions such as skin rashes and diarrhea.

Swim Spa Cover

Whether you have a ground pool or a surface pool, you need to protect your swimming pool from dirt and other unwanted foreign particles. 

A swim spa cover is a barrier that secures and protects your pool from foreign objects like leaves, twigs, dust, and undesirable weather elements like rain. A spa cover also prevents heat loss due to evaporation. 

Why should you invest in one? It allows you to access your pool quickly and substantially reduces pool cleaning and heating costs.

Swim spa covers are different from solar blankets. Solar blankets can also keep foreign objects out of your pool, but they absorb and retain heat from the sun to keep your swimming pool warm. Spa covers do not absorb heat from the sun. They prevent heat loss, dirt, dust, and other debris from falling into your swimming pool.

Pool Test Kit

Swimming pool owners should have a water test kit to check pH, chlorine, salinity, and calcium hardness levels. All components must be maintained within safe levels for a safe and fun swimming experience. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends pool water pH levels between 7.2 and 7.8.

It is crucial to test your pool regularly; two to three times per week is good enough in stable weather conditions. It is advisable to test your pool water after heavy rains. Rain can affect chlorine and acidity levels. 

You must frequently test your pool water if exposed to prolonged high temperatures. High temperatures lead to a higher surface evaporation rate, which depletes the amount of chlorine in your pool.

Skimmer Box

Skimmer boxes are essential to your pool’s operation. They remove floating debris from your pool and provide an entry point for water back into your circulation system. Skimmer boxes maintain clean and safe water in your swimming pool.

How many skimmers does my swimming pool need? Current industry standards for residential swimming pools recommend one skimmer for every 400sq Ft of surface area.


Swimming pools are places for fun. Whether you are cooling yourself against the summer heat or throwing a pool party, swimming pools are popular with many people. However, to minimize the dangers of diseases and accidents in your pool, consider investing in pool accessories. The most memorable moments for families and friends are made by the poolside.

Pool accessories let you and your family safely enjoy the time you spend in the pool. They enhance your safety and increase fun activities you and your family can participate in. 

Some pool accessories allow you to enjoy your pool way beyond summer. In deciding which pool accessories to acquire, it’s vital to consider pool safety first. 

The kind of accessories you purchase also depends on who and how you use them. Some accessories may be unsuitable for kids or people living with disabilities.

Pool accessories like a water test kit are an absolute must-have, others like inflatable floats are considered a luxury addition to your pool equipment. Pool accessories enhance your poolside fun. However, too many accessories may clutter your backyard and become a safety risk. 

Investing wisely in durable accessories that meet recommended safety standards is vital. Remember, safety comes first. You can only have the most fun if your family and friends feel safe and secure around your pool.


What are the benefits of solar pool lights? 

They increase visibility in and around your pool. They reduce your energy bill and require minimum maintenance.

How do solar blankets help in maintaining pool temperature and reducing evaporation? 

Solar blankets help to maintain pool temperature by absorbing heat from the sun and transferring it to the pool water during the day. At night, they prevent heat from escaping from the pool. Solar blankets reduce evaporation as a barrier between the water surface and the atmosphere.

What features should you look for in a proper swim spa cover to ensure proper insulation and protection? 

A swim spa cover should be water-resistant, durable, and tightly cover your pool to minimize heat loss.

How can a floating pool tray enhance your poolside experience and conveniently hold drinks and snacks? 

A floating pool tray frees up your hands. Fill the tray with drinks and snacks and let it start to float. All you have to do is enjoy your time in the water as your food and drinks float by your side.


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