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Why Does My Oven Smell Like Gas?

You have an oven gas smell in your kitchen, probably because of a gas leak. That leak could be from the hob or the pipes in your oven. This smell is an indication that your oven may require repair. 

I decided to write this article after I came across a report about a woman who died in a fire caused by a leaking gas stove.

According to the piece in the Indian Newspaper, the Deccan Herald, the woman suffered extreme burns after a gas explosion in her kitchen, eventually leading to her unfortunate demise. If you don’t want to find yourself in the same situation, never ignore a situation where a gas oven smells like gas. 

In this article, I present some reasons behind the oven gas smell. I will focus on why your oven smells like gas and when you should be concerned.

I will also explore how to fix this problem while staying safe. Please read to the end because I answer some of the most common questions about oven gas smells and when they can become dangerous.

Why Is It That Your Oven Smells Like Gas?

When your gas oven releases a distinct gas odor, it might create an alarm and leave you wondering what could be causing it. After all, you don’t want any lingering concerns regarding the safety of your kitchen gadget.

Don’t worry; I’m here to throw some light on the situation and provide you with sensible solutions. Let’s examine why your oven smells like gas and what you can do about it.

If your gas oven won’t light but smells of gas, one probable reason is that its hob, ignited by a tiny flame, emits an odor when first switched on. This is extremely frequent and normal. Therefore, it should not cause concern. If the gas smell remains after the first few minutes, it can suggest a probable gas leak that requires immediate attention.

When to Be Concerned About Safety

Although a temporary smell is to be expected, persistent or strong odors can be concerning. If your oven smells like gas when preheating, this could indicate a problem. You should act immediately if you smell the gas for a prolonged period.

Most likely, the smell is a sign of a gas leak. In such circumstances, turn off the oven, open the windows, and call a professional to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Where is the Gas Odor Coming From?

Many factors can cause a situation where your oven smells like gas.  Typically, this smell eventually goes away without you needing to do anything. Possible unpleasant smells could be due to the following:

  • Using a new oven for the first time (a “chemical” smell)
  • Charred, burnt, or spoiled food
  • Grease spilled on the bottom of the oven
  • Unburnt gas, which can smell like rotting eggs or sulfur
  • A liner or foil on the oven bottom
  • Paint or stain fumes elsewhere in the home reacting with the gas

Most odors can be avoided by regularly cleaning your oven and following the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain it. However, if you smell unburnt gas, it can indicate a gas leak, and you need to take immediate action.

Taking Immediate Action When Facing an Oven Gas Smell

When your oven smells like gas, you must take action immediately. Here are a few tips to follow: 

  1. Prioritise safety: Make sure your oven is powered off. Check that the surface burners are also off and that the oven door is firmly closed. First and foremost, ensure that there is no imminent risk.
  2. Keep an eye on the switches: Avoid touching any electrical switches. Be safe and turn off all motors and gadgets. Remember to put the lighters and matches away for the time being.
  3. Allow fresh air to enter: If possible, open some windows to allow fresh air to flow. Ventilation is essential! It aids in the dispersal of any residual gas. Get everyone together and go outside. It’s critical to ensure the safety of everyone.
  4. Seek professional help: Now is the time to contact your gas supplier. Give them a call and carefully follow their directions. Only use a mobile phone from a safe distance outside your home. If you can’t contact the gas supplier, you can always contact the local fire department for assistance.

Here is a short video explaining exactly what natural gas smells like so that you can be better equipped to deal with any gas leaks from your oven in the future.

Is It Safe To Keep Your Oven On Overnight?

The short answer is yes; as long as you always attend to it, keeping your oven on overnight is safe. Leaving an oven on overnight can be dangerous, especially if you’re sleeping and no one is watching it. If you can’t monitor it yourself, having someone standing by who can keep a watchful eye on any potential hazards is helpful.

While keeping your oven on overnight, safety is of utmost importance. Children can unknowingly try to play with or even open the oven, risking injury while it is hot. Oven locks, for example, can be utilized in addition to the built-in safety features. I recommend you get one, such as this EUDEMON Oven Door Lock, especially if you have children. 

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Oven Safety Tips To Always Remember

You should remember a few things when cooking with your gas oven. Let’s look at some of the most effective ideas for a worry-free cooking experience and some of the most common concerns around gas ovens.

  • Keep an eye on what you’re cooking at all times: Never leave your gas oven alone, whether baking or cooking. By being vigilant, you can swiftly identify problems like oven gas smell. 
  • Maintain a clean oven and stove top: Clean your oven and stove top regularly to prevent the accumulation of leftover food or oil. This easy practice not only aids in maintaining maximum performance but also minimizes the chance of unpleasant oven odors, such as lingering gas odor.
  • Close the oven door while not in use: Remember, when done using the oven, to close its door. This straightforward procedure prevents leftover gas odors from entering your kitchen and contributes to a safer cooking environment.
  • Avoid putting cookware in the oven: It can be tempting to store cookware in your gas oven but avoid the desire. Having pots, pans, or other cookware inside the oven increases the chances of possible risks, such as oven gas leaks.


While gas ovens are generally safe, an unburned gas scent might indicate a serious problem. If you find a gas leak, put your safety first and evacuate your home right away. To ensure everyone’s safety, follow the instructions from your gas supplier.

Maintain and clean your oven according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid complications. It’s vital to take measures in the kitchen to keep yourself and your family safe, whether you use a gas or electric oven.

By being aware that your gas oven smells like gas and taking the required precautions, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable cooking experience for you and your loved ones. Be informed, be safe, and keep those delicious meals coming!


What should I do if I smell gas from my oven?

You must ensure your safety first by turning off the oven. Disconnect the gas supply and ventilate the room. Wait for the oven to cool down before checking it. See if you can locate the cause based on the insights above. It is best to contact emergency services, your gas supplier, or a trained professional to solve your issue. 

What to do if your gas oven won’t light but smell gas 

If your oven doesn’t light up or isn’t heating but produces a gas odor, there could be an issue with the gas valve, the vents, the igniter, the flame sensor, or the thermostat. Ensure the gas valve is fully open while operating the oven and fully closed when the oven is closed. Also, ensure that it is not leaking.

Ensure regular cleaning of the vents so that gas is supplied and removed from the oven without any hindrance. The igniter, flame sensor, and thermostat are difficult to identify and test. So I recommend you contact a qualified technician in this regard. 

What are the signs of a gas leak?

Signs of a gas leak include:

  • Rotten egg smell
  • Hissing sound
  • Headache, nausea, eye irritation, shortness of breath, or loss of consciousness
  • Plants nearby might wilt or even die
  • If there is water nearby, there might be bubbling in it

How do I find and fix a gas leak?

Finding the exact point of a gas leak can be difficult. If gas leaks from the supply connections, you will hear a hissing sound. If the supply line isn’t tight enough, you can try tightening it yourself. However, it is always best to contact your gas supplier.

You cannot find the source easily if the leak is from within the oven. Therefore, I recommend you contact a trained technician to fix your gas leak. 

How often should a gas oven get inspected and serviced by a professional?

A qualified technician must check your gas oven annually to guarantee safe operation and good health.

Can a gas oven be used in a small, poorly ventilated room?

Good ventilation is required to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. So you should not use a gas oven in a small room with poor ventilation.


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