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How to Stay Warm in the Bleachers (9 Effective Tips)

You’re attending a match, you’re in the bleachers, and it’s cold outside. What’s a sports fan to do?

Here are 9 ways to stay warm in the bleachers:

  • Know what you can bring into the stadium.
  • Bring seat cushions.
  • Use hand warmers.
  • Wear heated socks.
  • Wear at least 3 layers.
  • Try to find a heated bathroom.
  • Eat foods high in fat.
  • Keep yourself active.
  • Stand on cardboard.

The rest of this article will go in-depth into these tips and tricks for staying warm in the bleachers. Let’s get started.

Know what you can carry.

Before taking anything along with you, you should check to ensure that those things are allowed inside the stadium. For example, to accommodate quicker seating and for general safety, the NFL has limitations to what is accepted into the stadium. 

So, check the stadium’s website and ensure that the things you wish to carry are on there.

Take along seat cushions.

If you don’t have seat cushions before you go, you should get one. Seat cushions will prevent you from sitting on those freezing benches in the bleachers.

There are multiple seat cushions with added benefits. From easy to carry, with a roomier seat and extra padding like Flash Furniture Grandstand Comfort Seats. To those like Coleman Stadium Seat, which is lightweight, roomy, and accommodates extra back support. A seat cushion will ease those long, chilly hours in the bleachers.

Flash Furniture Grandstand Comfort Seats by Flash with Ultra-Padded Seat in Black Coleman Portable Stadium Seat | Bleacher Cushion with Backrest | Lightweight Padded Seat Cushion

Use hand warmers.

Hand warmers are also an excellent way to remain warm in the bleachers. On those long, freezing, game days, warm hands can appear a dream, but it isn’t. 

There are varied warmers with distinct benefits suited to everyone so choose one that’s suitable for you before you attend your next game

Amongst them, the Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers provide 12 hours of warmth. It operates on lighter fluid and comes with a fabric pouch to spread the heat during use. It may be a bit of work to get it in its full use. 

Zippo Hand Warmer, 12-Hour – Chrome Silver

If you’re looking for something more manageable, there’s also the HeatMax Hot Hands 2 Handwarmer. Though the Heatmax Hot Hands 2 Handwarmers don’t provide the hottest warmth, they are disposable and can provide heat for 10 hours. 

HeatMax Hot Hands 2 Handwarmer (40 Pairs)

Try battery-operated heated socks.

Use battery-operated heated socks, and you will not be dissatisfied. Here are five of the best battery-operated heated socks from which you can decide.  

LENZ Set Lithium Pack RCB 1200 + Heat Socks 4.0 Toe Cap 

LENZ 4.0 Heated Sock w/Heated Toecap

The LENZ Set Lithium Pack RCB 1200 + Heat Socks 4.0 Toe Cap set utilizes a special heated toe cap technology that provides the highest comfort and heating performance. Also, machine washable, it’s made of Merino wool, is waterproof, and can be regulated using a mobile app. It is a bit expensive, but if you want something worth for your cash, then this is it. 

Hotronic XLP One PFI 50 Heated Ski Socks 

Hotronic XLP ONE Heat Sock Set, Classic, Medium

The Hotronic XLP One PFI 50 Heated Ski Socks can be used by anyone for several outdoor pursuits. They carry up to 13 hours of battery life and are powered by high capacity, lithium-ion battery packs. An added specialty is the Boost Setting, which offers extra heat when you require it. Created by Hotronic (producers of heated products with high quality), they can be a tad pricey but worthy. 

Volt Heated Socks 

Volt Heated Socks, Grey, XX-Large

The Volt Heated Socks is constructed of polyester and spandex and has some allergy concerns, but it’s one of the best. It produces heat for at least 20 hours on the lowest settings and 8 hours on the highest. There are four power level settings, from which you choose your desired heat settings. It emphasizes a Zero Layer Heat System, which, when combined with the four power level settings, presents unmatched thermal comfort.  

Mobile Warming Heated Socks 

Mobile Warming Heated Socks, Tri-blend Construction, Men 4-10/Women 6-11

The Mobile Warming Heated Socks employ the highest quality Lithium Ion batteries guaranteeing long-lasting power. It includes wireless control, features an antimicrobial non-sensitizing formula that supports hygiene, and allows outstanding odor control. The heat zone is positioned under your toes and the socks continue above your calves. If you crave additional warmth, this may not be the best option for you.

SNOW DEER Heated Socks 

Upgraded Heated Socks,7.4V 2200MAH Electric Rechargeable Battery Heating Socks for Men Women,Winter Outdoor Sports Ski Hunting Camping Hiking Climbing Riding Motorcycle Warm Cotton Socks Foot Warmer

The SNOW DEER Heated Socks contain an electric rechargeable battery. It incorporates strategically situated heating elements which use remote infrared fibers to stimulate your feet’s blood circulation. Moreover, it provides optimal heating performance. The heating elements cover the complete toes area. It supplies up to about 7 hours of heating. 

Wear layers.

The Field Manual for the U.S. Antarctic Program advises layering to keep warm. Wearing four layers is suggested.

  • The first layer wicks moisture away from the skin. Less moisture being in contact with your skin and the warmer you’ll feel. Wearing athletic socks and long underwear work well to achieve that. 
  • The second layer confines air and restricts it from transferring your body heat. Attire yourself in synthetics or substitute with wool, fleece, or a different thick material for the second layer. You want to assure the fit since this layer traps the air.
  • The third is the insulation layer. For extreme cold, an outer garment with some inches of loft works best. Some materials such as Down, which works great for dry, icy environments, use feathers for better insulation. If you may get wet, wearing synthetic insulation is a more reliable option.
  • The outer layer or shell is the most important to increase your warmth. The wind shell jacket is great and can be layered atop warmer pieces. Depending on the weather you’re expecting, check if your wind shell is windproof or water-resistant. If it is windproof, but not water-resistant, it will work best in dry weather because it allows perspiration to escape easier.

Use heated bathrooms.

Some stadiums include heated bathrooms which can be an added comfort to you. Escape the cold with a quick trip to the bathroom for some extra warmth. Be sure to check the stadium’s website to know if they have heated bathrooms.

Consume fatty foods.

During the cold, the pH levels in our body are lower than usual. To stimulate thermogenesis in your body, you should eat foods high in healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. 

In the bleachers, watch for meals with bananas, coffee, ginger tea, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, oats, red meat, lentils, walnuts, apples, chili, avocado, and hot chocolate. 

Drinking water is perhaps the simplest way to consume something that will warm you. Make sure to eat and remain hydrated.

Keep yourself active.

Staying active is one of the most urged ways to get warm. You can be quite active in the bleachers. Whenever you get the chance, stand and cheer or yell. The goal here is to increase your movement. Dance, or step from one leg to another back and forth. Small actions will consume energy and help to warm your body. 

Stand on cardboard.

Everything around is cold, including the ground. Carry a piece of cardboard along with you and place it on the area below your feet. And, while you’re sitting or standing, the cold will not travel from the ground to your feet. You can also use a piece of cardboard as a seat warmer if you came without one.  


In the end, remember to first make yourself warm enough to survive the cold. Eat and drink, heat-inducing foods, and stay active. And, stand on cardboard to protect your feet from the cold.


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