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Do Bamboo Sheets Keep You Cool?

Many people require bed sheets that have antibacterial and cooling properties. And many people prefer bamboo sheets, which have been highly regarded as a reliable coolant. You may wonder, however, how accurate this information may be.

Bamboo sheets can keep you cool if you’re using a bamboo/rayon fiber blend and are prone to night sweats.  However, if you use another of the common bamboo fiber blends (viscose, modal, or lyocell), the cooling capabilities of your bamboo sheets will be significantly reduced. 

The following information in this article will cover a few topics related to this subject, including why bamboo sheets are so highly regarded, how they work as a coolant, and whether or not they are a good choice for those who require coolants during their sleep.

How do bamboo sheets keep you cool?

It is a very real fact that bamboo has a natural cooling effect. Understanding the science behind cooling sheets is a very crucial factor in deciding whether or not bamboo is a good choice for you and your requirements. The level of cooling will depend on a couple of factors, mainly how the fibers from bamboo cool you down naturally, and how it is affected when the bamboo is treated.

Fiber Absorption

Bamboo sheets are usually made from a material called rayon. Rayon is able to absorb water (or sweat) into the fabric, while still retaining 80% of its own weight within its fiber. The absorption of sweat is what enables your body temperature to regulate through the night. This is assuming, though, that the bamboo sheets you’ve purchased are 100% pure bamboo rayon. However, this is often not the case.

The way bamboo is treated and which materials it is blended with will affect the level of absorption from the fibers, as well as the overall comfort and cooling levels it will retain.

The Fabric Blends That Are Used

There are three different types of bamboo rayon fabric: viscose, modal, and lyocell. However, there are many different brands of bamboo sheets that use a blend of different fabrics, for example, the bamboo cotton blend. This type of blend comprises the softness of the material and is considered a less sustainable choice for bedding. The weave of these fabrics is also a factor to consider.

Twill weave, for example, is prone to shrinking when exposed to hot temperatures and water. Therefore, the sheets could become unusable in a very short period of time.

Ultimately, bamboo blends of other fabrics are not as sustainable as the three pure bamboo fabrics mentioned above. In addition to lacking the same cooling effect as pure bamboo rayon, blends do not wash as well, can be less comfortable, and are not as durable as regular bamboo. When considering purchasing bamboo sheets then, it is important to choose pure bamboo rayon in order to gain the proper cooling effect and the other comforts that it naturally offers.

Are bamboo sheets a good choice for night sweats?

Bamboo sheets can absorb up to 40% more water than other materials, such as cotton. Therefore, it is a good choice for someone who may sweat moderately during the night.

However, most individuals who require coolants have a more intense problem than elevated body temperature. There are very many different types of night sweats, and whatever issue you may have must be taken into account when considering bamboo as your choice of material.

Different Kinds of Night Sweats

The main reason cooling sheets are available is to give a level amount of comfort to those who have medical conditions that cause intense body heat and sweating.

Most commonly, menopausal women experience very intense night sweats. Due to medical treatments being limited, one of the simplest ways for someone with menopause is to change aspects of their lifestyle, including sleeping with cooling sheets. Other medical conditions, such as diabetes and hyperthyroidism, cause night sweats, which can disrupt a person’s sleep cycle and cause intense discomfort.

Nevertheless, there are a handful of different situations that contribute to night sweats and the need for a cooling sensation. Mild reasons why you may require a coolant such as bamboo sheets could be any of the following:

  • A humid climate
  • Mattresses that retain heat
  • Sharing a bed with someone

The bottom line- the intensity level of your discomfort will determine the intensity of the coolant that you require. So before deciding to go with bamboo sheets, you need to consider the actual level of relief that bamboo rayon offers.

The Relief That Bamboo Offers

Bamboo sheets are breathable and light and are cooler to the touch than other fabrics. And due to being antibacterial, they are a good choice for absorbing the bacteria that sweat creates. However, unlike other coolants, bamboo cannot absorb large quantities of sweat, often given off by the medical conditions mentioned above. They will eventually get quite drenched, which will contribute little to lessening the discomfort of high body temperature during sleep.

Bamboo is a good choice for someone who has moderate sweats or body temperature, but it is not an ideal choice for someone suffering from a medical condition that causes intense heat and discomfort.

Why are bamboo sheets so highly recommended?

Bamboo sheets are well regarded for a handful of reasons. They have received a decent amount of hype over time, and are widely known as a good alternative to other fabrics. Most notably, they are often discussed as being good for the environment.

Considered Eco-Friendly

Bamboo sheets are probably best known for being eco-friendly. While this is true to an extent, bamboo fabrics are treated with harsh chemicals to help change the bamboo plant from stiff and stalky to a soft, smooth fiber.

Furthermore, The FTC found that so-called “bamboo” sheets could be made from virtually any plant or tree due to the cellulose in rayon, a fiber used in making this material. This is not only harsh to the environment, but it is also misleading.

Therefore, while bamboo sheets are eco friendly to an extent, their reputation clearly overstates how much. Another factor, though, in why these sheets are considered more environmentally sound is the way that the bamboo is harvested.

Fast-Growing and Inexpensive

Bamboo is fast-growing, and unlike many other crops, is not treated with pesticides. Due to these facts, it is not an expensive plant to grow. However, because of its popularity and reputation for being eco-friendly, companies that produce bamboo into fabric are able to sell it at a very high price, causing a higher demand.

Of course, many individuals have tried and liked the results from bamboo sheets, so their reputation is not wholly undeserved. It’s important to set aside the hype for this product and consider how they actually work as a coolant.

The best bamboo sheets for cooling

If you’re looking for high-quality bamboo/rayon sheets that will keep you cool throughout the night, I recommend the LuxClub 6-piece Bamboo Sheets Set. These sheets are incredibly comfortable, antibacterial, and very affordable for the quality you’re getting.

This sheet set also comes in 43 different colors, so you’ll be able to use them no matter what color your bedroom is. And the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee – if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can simply email LuxClub and they’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.

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Bamboo sheets are a viable choice for warmer months of the year or for someone who gets warm easily. Nevertheless, they are a bottom-tier option for an individual who genuinely needs a coolant in order to get through the night well-rested. A better choice would be cotton or silk sheets, which are known to be more durable and relieving.


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