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How to Stay Cool in a Hot Kitchen (9 Easy Tips)

A kitchen is a very important room in your home. This room is mainly used to prepare food for the family. As a result, it can get very hot and inhabitable. However, there are several tips that you can use to help you stay cool in a hot kitchen.

To stay cool in a hot kitchen, you can use cooling fans, dress in light clothing, taking ice cold water, and keeping the kitchen door and windows open.

To learn more about how to stay cool in a hot kitchen, read on.

How to stay cool in a hot kitchen

1. Invest in kitchen cooling fans.

To stay cool in a hot kitchen, you will need to invest in a fan that is ergonomically designed for the kitchen. There are various designs of kitchen fans that you can use for your kitchen. A fan will help you stay cool in a hot kitchen by circulating cool air.

Make sure you use fans that are specifically meant for the kitchen. They also make your kitchen look stylish while keeping you cool. You can place the fans in different areas of the kitchen.

For instance, you can have the main fan installed up in the ceiling. Place the small fans around the kitchen in places such as windows, on top of the fridge, and the microwave.

2. Dress in light clothing.

Whenever you find yourself in a hot kitchen, you can dress lightly to ensure you stay cool. Choose lightweight clothes that will ensure you feel too hot in the kitchen. 

Avoid dressing in heavy clothes such as sweaters with hoodies. You should also keep hats and scarfs away to ensure you are not generating more heat from your body. Dressing lightly and loosely will help you stay cool.

How to stay cool in a hot kitchen

Do not put on closed shoes during this time, put on light sandals, and any other open shoe. Ensure your clothes are made of cotton, as this helps in keeping you cool even in a hot kitchen. 

3. Drink ice water.

Ice cold water will come in handy when you want to stay cool in a hot kitchen. It is very simple. Put two or three big ice cubes in a glass of water and put in the water at room temperature.

You could also put some water in a water bottle and place it in the freezer section to cool it then drink it. This way, you will stay cool even while in a hot kitchen. Take sips of the cold water frequently and stay hydrated.

By using this tip, you will avoid losing a lot of water due to the heat around you. Staying hydrated will help you to stay cool.

4. Keep your kitchen door and windows open.

When you find yourself in a hot kitchen, quickly open all the doors and kitchen windows. This tip will ensure hot air is expelled outside, and cool air comes in the kitchen. This will balance the kitchen temperatures and help you stay cool.

Make sure to have curtains or blinds drawn to keep insects from getting in the kitchen.

5. Use lightweight curtains/blinds.

Ensure your kitchen curtains/blinds are not heavy. Using lightweight curtains in your kitchen will ensure you don’t trap in hot hair while cooking. You can fold the curtains to let in cool air through the kitchen. This will ensure you stay cool even in a hot kitchen. Sheers are preferably the best for a hot kitchen because they are very light. Ensure the curtains are loosely installed to ensure ease of pulling them aside for fresh air.

How to stay cool in a hot kitchen

6. Avoid taking hot tea or meals in a hot kitchen.

Whenever you find yourself in a hot kitchen, stay away from taking hot drinks or meals. Taking hot meals or drinks will make you sweat and speed up your metabolism. This might make you dehydrate if you don’t take the necessary precaution.

Avoiding these, you will be able to stay cool for a long time. You can replace hot tea with iced coffee or milkshake. You may put ice cubes in your milkshake and keep sipping in small amounts to keep your body temperature balanced.

7. Don’t eat salty foods.

Salty food leads to the production of metabolic heat after digestion. This will make you sweat more in a hot kitchen. Limit intake of salty food at all costs while in a hot kitchen. You can replace salty food while in a hot kitchen with fruits and vegetables.

No one has ever gone wrong with fruits and vegetables. Consuming lots of this will help you get in more water than you will be losing while in the kitchen. Fruits are a health decision. They also double up as a healthy snack for such a time when the kitchen is quite hot.

How to stay cool in a hot kitchen

8. Keep the kitchen curtains damp.

This tip will ensure that cool air circulates in your kitchen. Keep spritzing your curtains with cold water if possible ice-cold water. You will feel amazing as cool air will fill the kitchen and keep you cool.

You can do this while your curtains are still installed. All you need is a spritz bottle. Fill it with ice-cold water and spritz your curtains until they are wet. Keep refilling your ice cubes tray for replenishment. It is a nice feeling when you touch the wet curtains while in a hot kitchen. You can cover your face with the wet curtains to cool down. 

9. Fill a large bowl with ice.

Get a large bowl and fill it with ice cubes. Keep it a close-range such that you can experience the breeze from the ice. Ice cubes will help trap in the hot air in the kitchen and let the cool breeze circulate in the kitchen.

Keep changing the ice cubes if they melt. The cubes will melt away quickly because of the hot temperature in your kitchen. Ensure your freezer has enough ice cubes to keep replacing often. You can do this by refilling the ice cube tray with water and keeping it in the freezer to cool down.

How to stay cool in a hot kitchen

You can use some of the melted ice cubes for cleaning the dishes. The water from the ice cubes is usually cool and nice in a hot kitchen. 

Final Thoughts

If you have read this far, I believe you have gained a lot of useful information. To stay cool in the hot kitchen, employ the nine tips that we have discussed in-depth in this article.

If your freezer is not big enough to store many ice cubes, you can buy them from the shop. You can also purchase an ice cube bag to store the cubes for easy usage. Always ensure your ice cubes are kept in a cool and dry area to avoid them from melting quickly.

While choosing fans for your kitchen, be sure to choose fans that can act as a decorative piece as well. You will enjoy making food in a kitchen that is air-conditioned and looking stylish as well. Avoid placing fans in places where they might drop and become a health hazard. Ensure installation is well done for safety purposes.

Shop for lightweight clothes such as chiffon clothes and cotton clothes. These will help you stay cool in a hot kitchen. Ensure they are loose-fitting as well.


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