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Does Sheepskin Keep You Cool in Summer?

When summer sets in, it is time to toss the cold season clothes into the closet and reach for the warm season attires. Top on your list of priorities is to gather items that keep you cool in the summer heat when you are indoors or outdoors. 

Sheepskin keeps you cool in the summer. This natural, breathable fiber wicks moisture away from the skin when you sweat. This creates a buffer of dry air next to your skin, which insulates you against the smoldering heat from the outside. It also allows air to flow in and out effectively.

Not only does wool keep you cool in the hot months, but in the true definition of killing two birds with one stone, it also keeps you warm in the cold months.

Because we are always on the move, this has necessitated the manufacturing of wearables that can keep us cool. Therefore, sheepskin boots, upholstery, clothes, and hats rank high on the list of sheepskin items that you can buy.

In the upcoming sections of this article, we are going to see how sheepskin regulates your body temperature and its health benefits. We will also try to see the science behind how wool keeps you cool.

Does Sheepskin Keep You Cool in Summer?

How sheepskin keeps you cool in summer.

Wool keeps the sheep cool in summer and warm in winter. That is why these gentle animals never show agitation even when the weather turns. In the same way, you can use sheepskin wool items on your person, car, house, and baby’s room throughout the year.

Sheepskin regulates temperature

How does sheepskin regulate temperature?

Wool regulates temperature because of its breathability. While the wool fibers are not entirely hollow, they allow air to flow in and out. This happens because of the opening and closing of the cuticles on the wool fiber. 

Cuticles are cells that make the outer layer of the wool. They open or close depending on the temperature. When it is hot, they open to let heat escape, and when it is cold, they close to keep heat inside.

Regulating body temperature means to keep it at the ideal levels. In grownups, the ideal body temperature is 98.6°F (37.0°C) , add or minus a little. For children, the ideal average body temperature is 97.7°F (36.5°C).

If the external temperature is higher as it usually is in summer, you have to find a way to regulate the temperature. Wearing sheepskin items, using sheepskin for car seats and couch covers can keep your body temperature well regulated.

Does Sheepskin Keep You Cool in Summer?

While we are still on the topic of temperature regulation, we might mention that infants do not regulate their body temperature when they are younger than three months. However, adding a sheepskin blanket in their crib helps your baby sleep better. Wool traps pockets of warm air at night when it is colder, and during the day when it is warmer, it allows hot air to escape. This helps to regulate the baby’s body temperature.

Sheepskin and wool have moisture-wicking properties

The reason for mentioning the wicking abilities of wool here is that the wooly part of your sheepskin boots, blanket, coat, couch or seat covers will be in contact with your skin. 

Clothing items made of merino wool are used as the innermost layers when someone is dressing up for hiking in summer. Wool has excellent moisture-wicking properties. If you wear an inner layer made of synthetic material, it will absorb moisture and keep you uncomfortable throughout the time that you will be outdoors.

When sheepskin wicks away the sweat from your skin, it lets it escape through the cuticles on its fiber. These cuticles open and close rapidly, allowing moisture to escape by evaporation. This action is very important for keeping your body cool in summer.

Because of the ability to wick the sweat away and let it evaporate, sheepskin items hardly develop nasty smells. They also do not form sweat smudges in the armpits or back. You can sweat like a hog in woolen clothing while still feeling comfortable and dry.

Sheepskin is breathable

There is always some confusion between breathable and wicking fabrics. While a natural fiber such as cotton is breathable, it does not have the best wicking properties. However, sheepskin wool has both characteristics. It is breathable, and it wicks moisture away from your body.

Does Sheepskin Keep You Cool in Summer

Fabric breathability means that air can flow in and out through openings in the fiber. Therefore, if you are sweating from the heat, breathable fabric will let some air in. However, since it does not wick moisture away fast enough, it will stay damp longer.

When you use sheepskin to cover your car seats, you can ride comfortably for longer in the hot summer months. The reason for this is that since wool is breathable when you sweat, it can wick the moisture away. It can work even better if you wear woolen clothing. 

If you wear a coat such as My Fair Lady Sheepskin Long Coat in summer, it will help keep you cool. However, this does not mean that you should always wear your coat just because it is lined with sheepskin. It is good to wear something that compliments the weather. 

Sheepskin, Women’s Long Coat Black Glossy Original Leather

When you wear boots lined with sheepskin, it will wick the moisture away when your feet sweat. This prevents the development of odor, and it keeps your feet feeling dry and comfortable throughout the day.  

Sheepskin is good for your health

Sheepskin is not only good for your body temperature regulation, but it is also good for your health.

Medical sheepskin prevents bedsores

What is medical sheepskin?

This one is made from carefully chosen merino sheep. It is chosen for its fine wool, which helps in preventing bedsores. 

Sleeping pads made with this type of sheepskin are for bedridden patients because they help to prevent bedsores. This kind of medical pelt is used as an overlay for the bed. You can try the US Sheepskin Medical Sheepskin Pelt for preventing bedsores.

Medical Sheepskin Pelt – Extra Large

It gives pain relief for your joints

The sheepskin fibers are crimpy (they have these tiny, springy coils), which enable it to relieve the pressure of the joints and enhance the circulatory health of the user. Crimps are like minute springs that push against your skin, thus enhancing blood circulation. They do this in a very subtle way such that you can never feel it, but it is happening alright.

Good for sensitive skin

What is sheepskin good for in addition to preventing bedsores and keeping the user cool in summer? 

Because of their hypoallergenic quality, sheepskin items are friendlier on even the sensitive skin of babies. If treated right during processing, not only are they resistant to indoor allergens such as dust mites and mildew, but they also resist bacteria. Therefore, when you wear such items, you are not in any danger of facing a skin breakout. You can use sheepskin blankets and rugs in the baby’s room without worrying. 

Sheepskin overlay enhances your sleep

Does sheepskin help baby sleep? Most moms and dads ask this question. The answer is yes. 

Sleep is a very important factor for good health. It can enhance your alertness, concentration, and productivity during the day. On the hot summer nights, spreading a sheepskin cover on the mattress can do wonders for your body temperature regulation. You will realize that you sweat less with it and that you enjoy a fuller sleep.

Does Sheepskin Keep You Cool in Summer

To sleep better, babies need temperature regulation more than adults do because their bodies cannot do it. Therefore, using a sheepskin blanket can keep them cool in summer. 


So does sheepskin keep you cool in summer? The answer is a resounding yes. In addition, you have seen that it does much more than that since it also has several health benefits. To reiterate, we have seen that sheepskin helps keep you cool in summer by doing the following:

  • Allowing air to flow in and out because of its breathability factor.
  • Wicking moisture/sweat away from your skin and passing it out to evaporate.
  • Regulating your body temperature by adjusting accordingly in relation to the changes in your body or exterior air temperature.

While a sheepskin will keep you cool in summer, it makes sense to wear clothes and shoes that make sense for the weather. Furthermore, it is important to have a working air conditioner at home and in your car because sheepskin can only do so much to keep you comfortable. 


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