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6 Best Bladeless Fans (2024 Reviews)

Bladeless fans are the new and improved version of the bladed fans we’re used to. They funnel air through an open space, increasing the surface area cooled by the fan while preventing dangerous blades from causing harm. Bladeless fans are also quite visually appealing, which is why I’m here to show you the best models on the market.

The Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan is the best bladeless fan available because it has ten airflow settings, a two-year warranty, and a handheld remote. These fans use 10% less energy than the average floor fan and produce 60% less noise. You’ll sleep soundly with the night mode, too.

You might also enjoy the following bladeless fans:

In this post, I’ll show you what you should look for before buying a new bladeless fan, but I’ll also cover the top six choices to keep an eye out for. Enjoy!

What to Look For When Buying a Bladeless Fan

Most bladeless fans look and feel great, but they’re not all built the same. The new-age appearance quickly goes to the wayside when it comes to the price, wattage, functionality, and longevity. Fortunately, I’ve covered all of these important topics and more.

Here’s what you should know about bladeless fans before investing in one:

  1. Electrical consumption is crucial because some of them are corded, while others are battery-powered. A high-wattage fan can drive your power bill through the roof. The initial price might be tempting, but the long-term costs can be detrimental.
  2. Portability is the next most important subject because it determines when, where, and how you’ll use your new bladeless fan. How big is the fan? How much space do you want to circulate? These questions (and more) should be asked prior to getting the fan.
  3. The fan speed and air movement dictate how many selections you’ll have. These settings could include night modes, variable speed preset modes, simple three-speed options, and so on. It’s almost always better to choose a fan with multiple speeds for various situations.

Let’s jump into the details of each factor below.

Electricity Consumption

Bladeless fans typically require less energy since they’re not moving large blades, which means they consume less electricity. According to Canstar Blue, a bladed tower fan uses up to 60 fewer watts than a bladed tower fan. Bladeless desktop fans use about half of the energy required by a bladeless tower fan, which goes to show how efficient they can be.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all bladed fans use a cord. In fact, quite a few of them run off of USB cables or batteries. It’s up to you to choose which one best suits your needs. That being said, there’s no doubt that a traditional corded bladeless fan puts out much more airflow than either of the two alternatives.

If you use a bladeless USB fan, you’ll have to deal with draining battery life on a laptop, desktop computer, or vehicle (unless you use a power block). This may or may not be a big deal to you, but it’s worth keeping in mind before choosing a fan from the list below.

On the other hand, battery-operated bladeless fans have a limited lifespan before you have to get replacements. Unfortunately, constant long-term usage can lead to non-stop expensive battery purchases. The bright side is they allow for much more portability, which I’ll discuss in the next section.


As discussed above, there are three power sources for bladeless fans. Each of them consumes electricity in a unique way, but some of them are much more portable than others. How and when you use the fan will affect what kind of model you prefer.

I’ll weigh the pros and cons of each choice here:

  • Bladeless corded fans are the least portable of the bunch. They’re tethered by an average six-foot cord that keeps them from being moved around without finding another power outlet. Their greatest advantage is that they can run indefinitely (provided there’s no power outage), and they typically offer the most airflow.
  • Bladeless USB fans are also tethered, but they can move wherever the source goes. For example, you can plug the fan into a laptop and move it around the room. Many vehicles have USB outlets, which provide another power source for your USB fan. The main downside is that they usually produce the least amount of airflow.
  • Bladeless battery-powered fans are in the middle of USB and corded models. They have more portability than either option, but they need frequent battery replacements. Fortunately, these fans produce more airflow than USB variants. However, it’s uncommon for them to be as powerful as a corded fan.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when you’re comparing these three types. Corded fans are usually the best choice, but those who are always on the move should opt for a battery-powered model. USB bladeless fans can be the top choice for office workers, gamers, and students who want to stay cool at their desks.

Fan Speed and Air Movement

Perhaps the most noticeable feature for bladeless fans is their speed settings. Some fans come with five to ten modes, while others have fewer than three. Contrary to popular belief, more settings aren’t always better. Some people prefer simplicity or a worry-free, hands-free bladeless fan.

The air movement is directly tied to the fan’s speed settings. Higher speeds produce better ventilation and airflow. One fan’s top speed might be a fraction of another fan’s top speed because they have more options to cycle through. With that being said, let’s compare how many settings and modes you’ll have with each of the fans we’ll show today.

FanFan Speeds & ModesScore
Dyson Cool Air Tower Fan10 speeds + night mode10/10
Elyss Cooling Fan3 speeds6/10
LZLRUN Handheld Fan3 speeds6/10
Lifeplus Air Cooler Fan6 speeds + timer mode8/10
Lasko AC615 Fan4 speeds + oscillation mode7/10
ULTTY Tower Fan9 speeds + oscillation10/10

Winners: Dyson Cool Air Tower Fan & ULTTY Tower Fan

These two fans provide more than enough modes and speeds to keep you comfortable. Being able to purify the air while oscillating gives the ULTTY Tower Fan a competitive advantage. However, the Dyson Fan has a relaxing night mode that’s quiet and lulls you to sleep.

Both of them are excellent choices, but simplicity might steer you toward one of the other fans. Many of the fans on the list have LED touch screens or buttons for quick and easy operation.

Speed isn’t the only variable; Some of these bladeless fans have filters, remotes, humidity tanks, and more. You can compare each option to find out which one works for you.

Without further ado, I’ll show you everything you should know about the six best bladeless fans below!

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Dyson Cool Air Multiplier Tower Fan

Dyson produces countless top-of-the-line fans, which is why it’s no surprise that its Cool Air Multiplier Tower Fan takes bladeless fans to the next level. The wide opening pulls air through itself, cooling the room while providing unparalleled ventilation. You can clean the whole interior with wet wipes or an all-purpose cleaner, so there’s no need for the dreaded blade dusting.

Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

This fan comes with ten modes, including an impressive night mode that trickles down to help you fall asleep. Use the handy remote to control this tower fan where you go. You can set it to run in intervals between 15 minutes to nine hours to let it run continuously. When you’re done using the remote, you can lay it on the side of the fan since it’s magnetic.

The Dyson Air Multiplier Fan also comes with a two-year warranty. Everything’s covered, including the parts and labor for anything caused by the manufacturer. There’s no need to worry about blades causing harm to anyone in the home, nor will you have to remove any faceplates or blades when it’s time to clean the unit.

Bottom Line: The Dyson Fan takes the cake for functionality, reliability, and all-around luxury. It comes at a price, but there’s not a single bladeless fan available that comes close to the low-noise, high-power performance of this fan. It’s easy to use and has convenience written all over it.

Dimensions9.1 x 9.1 x 39.6 inches
Power SourceSix-foot cable
ModesTen fan speeds
Additional FeaturesOscillations, remote control, timer


  • This fan has ten speed settings to let you choose the perfect amount of airflow throughout the day
  • Enjoy a night mode that slowly fades away to help you fall asleep without waking up to a powerful fan in the middle of the night
  • Use the remote to control the bladeless fan’s oscillation, timers, speeds, and power
  • The remote is magnetic, letting you attach it to the fan and other nearby metal surfaces
  • A wide opening promotes maximum airflow while reducing its noise output by 60%
  • This fan consumes 10% less electricity than most tower fans


  • The short cable tethers the fan within 6.6 feet of a power outlet
  • It’s the most expensive bladeless fan on the list

Best Bladeless Desktop Fan: Elyss Bladeless Cooling Fan

Whether you work at a desk or want to enjoy cooling ventilation at a table, the Elyss Bladeless Fan is worth checking out. This low-budget fan uses an internal battery that’s charged with a USB cable to keep it as portable as possible. The fan takes about an hour to charge and lasts just as long, so it’s convenient for car trips, too.

Elyss Bladeless Cooling Fan

If you’re interested in fun decorations, you’ll enjoy the multicolored settings. Cycle through five LED lights to find the one that suits the room. This compact bladeless fan also has four settings to let you choose the perfect airflow mode. There’s even a natural breeze option to make it feel like you’re relaxing outside.

Choose either pink or white and enjoy this quiet fan that’s about the same size as a table lamp. All of the settings can be adjusted by a single button on the front of the fan, so there’s no need for complexity or confusion. It’s a touch-style membrane that cycles from one mode to the next with a light tap, unlike most push buttons.

Bottom Line: This desktop fan is great for office workers, college students, people who love playing video games, and more. It can also serve as a bathroom fan that doesn’t make too much noise. It might be relatively affordable, but no corners were cut in the production of this high-quality fan.

Dimensions8.5 x 5.5 x 4.3 inches
Power SourceUSB cord and internal battery
ModesFour modes
Additional FeaturesFive lights, touchscreen button


  • This portable fan makes it easy to stay cool wherever you go
  • The touchscreen button is simple to use
  • Cycle through multiple light colors to set the mood
  • It’s quite compact and quiet for a desktop fan
  • It only weighs 1.6 pounds, making it one of the lightest fans on the list
  • Four small feet provide optimal stability, preventing it from tipping over


  • This fan doesn’t produce enough airflow to ventilate a whole room
  • The battery life only lasts about an hour, so it needs to be charged frequently

Best Handheld Bladeless Fan: LZLRUN Handheld Bladeless Fan

Nothing is more portable than a handheld fan. The LZLRUN Handheld Bladeless Fan is a top-shelf example of how you can enjoy portability and quality in the same product. The small vent hole cycles enough ventilation to cool you off wherever you go without the need for a permanent cord or short-lasting batteries.

LZLRUN Handheld Bladeless Fan

Much like the previous fan on the list, this one uses a USB cable to charge a built-in battery. This fan only takes an hour to charge, but it lasts up to six hours before it’s time to get the USB cable out again. You can also use it while it’s charging in an outlet for 24/7 operation. Change the settings with the front-sitting button to lower its power consumption.

This fan has three settings (low, medium, and high) and a 360-oscillation feature to stay relaxed and cool down. It also has a removable base to set it down and let it blow air throughout the space, so you can use it as a desktop fan in a pinch. It might be the best portable car fan because you can stick it to the dashboard or in a cup holder.

Bottom Line: You can’t ask for much more from a handheld bladeless fan. Not too long ago, people had to rely on AA batteries and bladed fans that barely cycled the air. The LZLRUN Fan is leaps and bounds ahead of old-school portable fans, and the oscillation takes it to the next level.

Dimensions2.6 x 1.7 x 8.2 inches
Power SourceUSB cable and built-in battery
ModesThree settings
Additional FeaturesOscillation, removable base


  • This portable fan stays charged for up to six hours
  • It only takes about an hour to charge the long-lasting battery
  • The 360-oscillation feature is perfect for small spaces and car trips
  • You can wash the fan with water since it’s water-resistant
  • It weighs 0.2 pounds, which is the lowest I’ve come across
  • Everything is controlled by one button on the front of the fan


  • It doesn’t produce enough power to cool more than one person
  • The low-quality plastic feels a little cheap, though it stands the test of time
  • The motor is surprisingly noisy for such a small fan

Best Bladeless Humidifier Fan: Lifeplus Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

Humidifiers are great for dry climates, but their primary issue is that the humid air drops to the ground because there’s not enough airflow. Bladed humidifiers get a lot of moisture on the blades, leading to mold, mildew, and rust. The Lifeplus Portable Air Cooler uses a bladeless mechanism to add humidity to the air without much noise.

Lifeplus Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

It comes with three modes to cool the room, depending on how much water you want to use. Furthermore, you can switch it to a fan-only setting with three additional modes to look through. It’s the ultimate year-round fan for small living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, and so on. There’s even a 45-degree oscillation feature with a seven-hour timer.

The one-gallon water tank combines with three cooling packs to create an impressive mini-AC system. It also includes a remote that lets you adjust the wind speed, cooling features, timers, oscillation, power settings, and more. You’ll also appreciate the removable filter that catches dust and other debris to clean the air.

Bottom Line: This bladeless humidifier is as good as it gets when it comes to cooling a small room without blades or loud fans. Air filters, refrigerant packs, and the aforementioned water tank let you keep the air at the perfect level of humidity without spreading contaminants. The oscillating base ensures the fan covers everything in front of it.

Dimensions11.8 x 11.2 x 30 inches
Power SourceCorded
Modes6 modes (3 cooling & 3 speeds)
Additional FeaturesHumidifier, oscillation, remote control


  • This fan negates the common problem of fans drying the air at night
  • Three cooling modes let you control the ambient humidity
  • Cycle through three speeds for the perfect airflow setting
  • The filter is removable and cleans the air throughout the day
  • The water tank can be removed, cleaned, and refilled in a couple of minutes


  • Each of the three ice packs only lasts about 30 minutes before they have to be cooled again
  • The fan is quite powerful, and the filter is small, so it has to be cleaned frequently

Best Bladeless Tower Fan: Lasko AC615 Oscillating Bladeless Tower Fan

Lasko is one of the top manufacturers of tower fans. They have all sorts of models to choose from, but the AC615 Bladeless Fan is high on their list. This fan offers oscillation and full-room coverage, thanks to the wide vertical opening. There’s no need to deal with concentrated hot pockets of air or a lack of airflow.

Lasko AC615 Oscillating Bladeless Tower Fan

This tapered fan has a remote control that lets you monitor and change the timer, speed, oscillation, power, and other adjustments. There’s also a night mode that cycles through the settings to slowly lower it as it ventilates the room with a near-silent noise output. You can even turn down the screen’s brightness.

Much like all Lasko fans, this model comes pre-assembled and includes a fused plug. This fuse is a safety feature that prevents electrical surges from overheating or damaging the fan. It also turns the fan off if it’s running for too long and gets warmer than it’s supposed to be. The wide base keeps it stable and prevents it from falling over, too.

Bottom Line: Lasko continues to make impressive fans that blow most of the market out of the water. This bladeless tower fan is a combination of stylish designs and optimal airflow. When paired with its oscillation and remote control, you’ll enjoy the unbelievable comfort and ventilated air around the clock.

Dimensions8.7 x 11.8 x 36.1 inches
Power SourceCorded
ModesFour modes
Additional FeaturesNighttime setting, remote control, oscillation


  • This fan has all of the safety features you’ll need
  • It includes a remote that controls everything on the fan
  • You can set it to a nighttime mode for a relaxing breeze
  • The adjustable oscillation is perfect for cooling the whole room
  • This model comes with a removable, washable filter to purify the air
  • It’s ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, home gyms, and more
  • There’s a slot for the remote on the back of the fan


  • The fan’s motor is a bit loud aside from its lowest setting (night mode)
  • The remote doesn’t come with batteries, which is a minor inconvenience

Best Bladeless Air Purifier Fan: ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan

Dust and other contaminants can make the air feel dry, dirty, and stuffy. It always seems like you have to choose a good fan to move the particles around or a filter to suction them without ventilating the room. The good news is the ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan combines airflow with air purification to make the ultimate air-cleaning fan.

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03/06/2024 02:25 pm GMT

The provided remote control lets you set timers, adjust the speed modes, turn the fan on and off, and more. There’s a removable filter that catches 99.97% of particles, cleaning the air and preventing dust mites, breathing problems, and more. The filter is HEPA-certified and cleanable within a couple of minutes.

The oscillation mode doubles most of its rivals, encompassing a 90-degree angle. You can use the previously mentioned remote or the touchscreen LED display to change through the modes. You’ll find a handle at the top of the fan that twists to reveal the filter. Press it until you hear a clicking sound when you replace it. The handle also serves as a carrying method.

Bottom Line: Who says you can’t clean the air while providing grade-A airflow? This fan adds a filter and bladeless technology to accomplish both tasks without breaking the bank. Whether you prefer a sleep timer, oscillation, or a low-speed, quiet motor, the ULTTY Tower Fan is the top pick for thousands of people.

Dimensions23.5 x 10 x 10 inches
Power SourceCorded
ModesNine speeds
Additional FeaturesNight mode, remote control, filter


  • Keep the air in your room filtered and clean throughout the day
  • Choose between LED touchscreen adjustments or a remote
  • Side-to-Side oscillation provides much more circulation and filtration than most competitors
  • Set the sleep timer and lower the fan’s brightness to enjoy restful relaxation
  • The motor is very quiet, unlike most air filtration fans


  • The short bladeless opening limits the airflow when it’s not oscillating
  • The washable filter has to be replaced with a new one every six months


The ​​Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan is unmatched in terms of efficiency, ease of use, longevity, and reliability. This bladeless fan is made by one of the most trusted companies that pioneered bladeless fans and brought them to an affordable price range.

However, the remaining choices on the list are the best in their respective categories. Whether you want a handheld bladeless fan or one with a built-in air purifier, you’re bound to find something you love in the list above.


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