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6 Best Space Heaters for Bathrooms

Getting a space heater is an excellent way to keep your bathroom warm throughout the year. Whether you’re avoiding ice-cold tile floors or frozen air when you get out of the shower, using a space heater can make a massive difference. There are countless gas-powered and electric space heaters, but only a handful of them are worth the investment.

The best space heater for bathrooms is the Lasko Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater. It comes with three heat settings, it’s compact, and it’s incredibly energy-efficient. The heater only takes up a 6.25” x 6.25” space, so you can put it anywhere in the bathroom.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn the following info about the best space heaters for bathrooms, including:

  • What you should look for when you’re shopping for a space heater for the bathroom
  • Details about the best bathroom space heaters on the market
6 best space heaters for bathrooms

What to Consider When Buying a Space Heater for a Bathroom

Before you purchase a space heater for your bathroom, it’s important that you keep an eye out for the following three conditions:

  1. How much energy does the unit use?
  2. How big is it?
  3. How much will it cost?

I’ll dive into the details in the following subheadings.

Energy Consumption

It’s no secret that heating a room can cost quite a bit of money. If you’ve ever raised the thermostat in your home, then you’ve probably noticed the increase in your electricity bill. Fortunately, you can find all sorts of space heaters that won’t raise the price. I’ll dive more into the cost of everything in a couple of sections.

Knowing the energy consumption of your space heater will show you how warm it can get, how quickly it’ll heat up, and how much electricity is required to run. The energy used by your space heater is determined by the wattage.

According to Olimpia Splendid USA, one watt equals 3.41 BTUs. A BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of one pound of water by one degree (Fahrenheit).

6 best space heaters for bathrooms

For reference, I’ll go through a few common household appliances and how many watts they use per hour:

Heating ApplianceAverage WattageAverage BTU
Compact Space Heater1500 Watts5115 BTUs
Garage Heater5000 Watts17050 BTUs
Central Heating Furnace340 Watts1160 BTUs
Electric Fan Heater3000 Watts10230 BTUs


While these numbers are rough estimates, they paint a clear picture of how much heat you can expect from your appliances. On the other hand, it also shows you how much money you’ll have to spend to keep them running. You can calculate the cost by multiplying the watts by the CPW (cost per watt) from your energy company.

BTUs are invaluable because they indicate how efficient a space heater can be. For example, if you’re dealing with a space heater that only puts out 100 watts, you won’t be able to heat much more than a closet. However, space heaters over 500 watts are incredibly effective in small spaces, including your bathroom.

If you live in a colder part of the country, you’re going to need more BTUs to get the room up to your desired temperature. Someone living on the warm coast of Southern California might not need as many BTUs as someone who resides in the mountains of Montana during winter.

Use this formula to determine how many BTUs you need to heat up your bathroom:

(Temperature increase) x (cubic footage) x .133 = BTUs per hour

Here’s a quick example:

Say you want to increase the temperature of your 700 cu. ft. bathroom by 15 degrees Fahrenheit. You’d multiply 15 x 700 x .133, which equals 1,396.50 BTUs.

Overall Size

The size of the space heater has to be significantly smaller than most heaters. Decide where you want to place it before you invest money in any of the heaters on the list below. Many people prefer to set it on the floor while they shower, while others keep it on top of a cabinet over the toilet.

6 best space heaters for bathrooms

Measure the length, width, and height that you have at your disposal, then decide how much room you have to spare. Most space heaters need at least two feet on all sides to keep it from overheating. As many of the manufacturers explain, a space heater that’s too close to a wall can cause damage to the paint.

Contrary to popular belief, a space heater can be tall or short; It doesn’t matter. There’s a common misconception that tower heaters can produce more heat, but that’s simply untrue. The only features that impact the heat are the BTUs and the size of the vents that release the heated air into the room.

Cost (Maintenance, Energy Consumption, and Average Price)

Most bathroom space heaters don’t cost more than $100. It’s safe to say that you can save a lot of money compared to a complete central heating system. However, you can’t forget that the initial price isn’t the entire cost of the heater. You’ll also have to factor the maintenance and wattage.

Here’s what you can expect to spend if you want to get a space heater for your bathroom:

  • Purchase price: $25 to $100. BTUs will increase the price, so expect to pay for what you get. Durability and longevity also have an impact.
  • Cost of regular maintenance: $5 to $20. Most repairs have to do with the coils or plug. If you have to spend any more than the aforementioned price range, it’s worth getting a new one stead.
  • Energy consumption: $1.50 to $3.00 per hour. Oasis Energy states that the average price kilowatt-hour is 10 cents. If you have an energy-efficient space heat for your bathroom, it’ll run about 1500 watts per hour. This estimate brings the total to $1.50 per hour.

Space heaters are pricey if you run them around the clock, but they’re designed or short bursts. You shouldn’t run a space heater for longer than a couple of hours, especially when you’re leaving it in a small room. If you’re using it for two hours per day, that’s about $90 per month for an energy-efficient model. Some space heaters use fewer wants, decreasing the price.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Lasko Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater

Finding a high-quality space heat for a bathroom is a hassle, especially since there are so many options to look through. If you want a well-rounded model that will last for many years to come, then you might love the Lasko Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater. This unit comes at a great, low price that won’t break the bank.

Saving money is always on everyone’s mind, which is why the three heat settings come in handy all the time. Choose to maximize the output with 1500 watts of heating power, or lower it down to 750 watts. The BTUs will correspond with the setting, so you’ll have complete control over the temperature output.

Another major factor of choosing a bathroom space heater is the size. I prefer the Lasko Space Heater because it’s only 6.25 x 6.25 x 8 inches. You can store it almost anywhere in the room, as long as there are a couple of feet of space on all sides.

Bottom Line: The Lasko Heater should be at the top of your list if you want a model that has it all. It’s the perfect size, you can cycle through three heat settings, and there’s no beating the warm, comfortable feeling that you get after it’s activated.


  • It’s made by a trustworthy brand. Lasko has been around for over 100 years, giving you the peace of mind that you need to invest.
  • It comes with an automatic heat monitor and an ETL listing. You don’t have to worry about breaking safety protocols to use this heater.
  • The compact size is ideal for bathrooms of all sizes. No more leaving the door open and stretching it on a power cord.
  • This unit comes assembled out of the box. Leave the hand tools and power tools in the garage; You’ll be able to use it immediately.
  • Take control of the multiple heat adjustments. A lot of modern space heaters only have one setting, but you can save energy and control the temperature with this model.


  • This space heater is incredibly lightweight. Unfortunately, this makes it a possible tripping hazard. Keep it elevated and out of sight of children and pets.
  • There’s no air filter in the heater. You won’t be able to catch lint, pollen, and dust flying through the air.

Best for Quick Heating: PELONIS 1500W Fast Heating, Programmable Thermostat

Are you tired of sitting around, waiting for the bathroom to warm up? The PELONIS Fast-Heating Programmable Thermostat is a unique space heater that focuses its attention on increasing the internal temperature as quickly as possible. No more freezing feet after stepping out of the shower!

This space heater is quite a bit bigger than the previous model. It measures in at 7.72 x 7.72 x 17.76 inches, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a tower unit. It can bring the heat from the bottom of the room to the top in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the 1500 watts powering the heater, you’ll be able to have more than enough heat for any bathroom.

Another unique trait of this tower space heater is that it rotates. Rather than blowing hot air in one direction, it moves back and forth up to 83 degrees. You can enjoy the long-lasting, instant effects of this budget-friendly space heater for several hours on end.

Bottom Line: If you want to heat the room as quickly as you can, then the PELONIS Heater should be your choice. It increases the temperature by using 1500 watts, moving back and forward throughout the room, and having a long face that blows warm air from top to bottom.


  • It heats up incredibly fast. The company claims that this heater is capable of climbing up to 70 degrees F in three seconds.
  • Adjust the temperature with the on-unit thermostat. You don’t have to settle for one temperature or guess that it’s set to.
  • The ABS exterior is designed to stay cool. There’s no need to worry about it overheating or burning the floor.
  • There’s a one-year manufacturer warranty. Nothing says confidence and peace of mind like a long-lasting replacement policy.
  • This model rotates when it’s in use. You can set it and forget it as it keeps the whole bathroom heated.


  • This space heat can be knocked over easily. Since it’s so tall and thin, you have to make sure that it’s not within a walking area.
  • It’s not the quietest heater. Although there’s a low-noise option, the regular heating mode can be a bit noisy.

Best for Low Noise Output: ALROCKET Oscillating Space Heater

If you live in a place with a moderate climate, then you probably don’t need loads of heating power. For example, the southern parts of the United States don’t tend to get too cold. You’ll be able to sacrifice a bit of heat to reduce the noise with the ALROCKET Oscillating Space Heater. It has three modes, none of which goes over 45 dB.

The lowest setting only uses 5 watts, but it doesn’t cause any heat. It blows air around the room, which could be useful for bathrooms that don’t have a built-in fan. Next, you’ll find the low heat setting that uses 600 watts. Again, it’s very energy-efficient if you don’t need loads of heat. Finally, the top setting of high heat goes up to 950 watts.

This space heater breaks the norm by having three sides that produce warm air. It covers one of the widest angles on the market, making it perfect for large bathrooms. Make sure you give it enough space to breathe!

Bottom Line: At 4.9 x 4.9 x 8.1 inches, the ALROCKET Space Heater is quite impressive. It might not be the hottest heater on the market, but the wide angle and multiple heat adjustments make it a fantastic choice for homeowners who live in mild to moderate temperatures.


  • It comes with overheat protection. If the heater gets too warm, it’ll trip the fuse and turn off, keeping your home safe.
  • This space heater comes with a tip-over cutoff. Although it’s fairly lightweight, the power will go off if it’s knocked over.
  • Choose from three settings. You can ventilate, heat, or super heat the room with the click of a button.
  • There’s no doubt that it’s the quietest space heater for the money. Without going for the ultra-cheap, tacky heaters, you’ll be able to get this 45db unit at an excellent price.


  • It won’t heat as much as the other space heaters. As I explained earlier on the page, more wattage produces more BTU (heat units). Since it only goes to 950 watts, it won’t reach the same levels as a 1500-watt heater.
  • The internal fan doesn’t move the heat very quickly. You’ll have to be patient with the unit because it takes a while to increase the bathroom’s temperature.

Best for Portability: Taotronics Electric Portable Space Heater

Taotronics has been growing in popularity throughout recent years. It’s no surprise that they’ve made a top-notch space heater that hundreds of customers rave about. The Taotronics Electric Portable Heater could be the best option for those who want to move it around the house. Use it in your bathroom, bedroom, home office, and so on.

This futuristic space heater oscillates at a 65-degree angle, keeping the whole room warm around the clock. Perhaps its best feature is the handheld remote. You can control the temperature, oscillation, and power. There’s also a 7-degree tilt to maximize its heat output.

The three modes on this heater include low, high, and eco-mode. The high mode uses 1500 watts, the low mode uses 900 watts, and the eco-mode uses 75 watts. While the eco-mode doesn’t produce too much heat, it wicks moisture and keeps the air moving around the room.

Bottom Line: The Taotronics Space Heater is a top-of-the-line model that comes with everything you need in a bathroom unit. Stay warm with any of the three settings, and don’t forget to relax with the long-range handheld remote.


  • It comes with multiple heat settings. Much like a few other space heaters on this list, you can control the temperature and airflow.
  • The oscillation is as good as it gets. With a slight tilt and constant movements, this heater ensures that the room temperature stays consistent.
  • Set it and forget it. There’s a 7-hour timer that comes with an automatic shutoff in case of overheating emergencies.
  • It has a built-in tip-over protection. If you knock it over, this unit will wobble back without tipping over.
  • It’s ETL-certified. No need to worry about overheating or other safety concerns.


  • The temperature only goes up to 86 degrees F. It’s about average when compared to similar space heaters, while others can go over 95 degrees F.
  • The remote requires AAA batteries every so often. However, Taotronics provides the first set, so you don’t have to buy them right away.

Best for the Temperature Range: Portable Electric Space Heater from GiveBest

Despite its low price, thousands of satisfied customers can vouch for the GiveBest Space Heater’s massive temperature range. It doesn’t matter where you live or what the temperature is; You can benefit from this heater. It comes with a built-in thermostat that ranges from 0 to 158 degrees F.

Once you’ve set the desired temperature, you can cycle through three settings. The first setting only uses a fan, which is the one you’ll use if you’re trying to cool down the room. Next, you’ll find the low-heat 750w setting. It’s perfect for cold mornings! Finally, the 1500w high-heat setting is what you’ll need for those ice-cold winter days.

At 8.3 x 6.3 x 4 inches, this space heater is about average compared to other options on the list. However, it only weighs 2.2 pounds. You’ll be able to move it wherever you want to without having to lug around a massive heater.

Bottom Line: If you live in a city that has wild, unpredictable temperature patterns, then look no further. This heater just might be the top option for anyone who wants to stay in control of the temperature throughout the year. With three settings and a 158-degree F range, you can keep your bathroom feeling however you’d like.


  • It comes with all of the necessary safety features. There’s an ABS body, overheating protection, multiple certifications, and an anti-tip-over hinge.
  • Enjoy the low-noise output. You don’t have to suffer through loud fans to enjoy high-heat settings anymore.
  • It’s the perfect size for a small room. Bathrooms, offices, and bedrooms can benefit from this comfortable space heater.
  • Adjust the temperature however you’d like. It if gets too hot or cold, it shuts off automatically. Find out what makes you comfortable and start the fan.


  • This heater doesn’t oscillate. It blows warm air in one direction, so you might have to manually move it if you want to alter the fan.

Best for Energy Savings: GAIATOP Space Heater

Saving money starts at the initial transaction, but inefficient space heaters can cost a fortune down the road. The good news is that the GAIATOP Space Heater only uses 500w to 1000w, depending on the chosen heat settings. Despite the low energy consumption, this space heater has a powerful fan to keep your bathroom feeling warm.

While style might not be at the forefront of your demands, it doesn’t hurt that this heater looks great. Its four wooden legs suit modern interior decor, and the compact design is a great fit for any room. Furthermore, it’s quieter than traditional floor fans.

The unique build of this space heater creates a wind tunnel that pulls cold air through the back, heats it up, and pushes out hot air. This process reduces the heating time, allowing the fan to increase the temperature to 70 degrees F in as little as two seconds.

Bottom Line: This space heater might be at the bottom of the list, but it should be the top choice for those who want to save money. It’s fairly affordable and the long-term energy savings beats any effective space heater around.


  • Energy savings are as good as it gets. Why settle for an expensive space heater when you can save money without sacrificing heat?
  • It’s very stylish. If you’re worried about having a clunky metal box, then this heater will be a breath of fresh air.
  • There are multiple safety certifications. Keep your home and family safe from fire hazards with this ultra-protected heater.
  • It’s almost the quietest model around. Aside from the ALROCKET Space Heater, this unit is nearly the most relaxing choice available. It’s perfect for those who desire white noise when they sleep, too.
  • If it tips over or gets too hot, the GAIATOP Heater shuts off. We all know that kids, pets, and even ourselves can knock over a small heater on a bad day. If that happens, this unit shuts off to keep you safe.


  • The wooden legs can tip over. Although you’re protected from power surges and fire hazards, the four legs don’t bounce back at all.
  • It’s much smaller than most models. Combined with the low BTU output, the compact design means that it takes a while to heat up the bathroom.
  • The metal grate gets hot. Unfortunately, you have to be careful when handling the activated heater. If it’s on, the metal grate can cause severe burns.

Wrapping It Up

After looking through countless bathroom space heaters, I’ve determined that the Lasko Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater is the best option on the market. It has a budget-friendly price, it can fit in any bathroom, and you’ll be able to enjoy a wide temperature range.

However, if you’re looking for a less well-rounded option in favor of something specific, you could consider the following space heaters:

  • The Pelonis 1500W Programmable Thermostat is perfect if you want to rapidly change the temperature.
  • If you want to cut down on the loud noise, try the ALROCKET Oscillating Spacer Hear.
  • The Taotronics Electric Portable Space Heater is an excellent choice if you want to use a remote.
  • For an optimal temperature range, try the GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater.
  • If you’re trying to reduce your energy bill, I suggest that you get the GAIATOP Space Heater.

Check out the Lasko Small Portable Space Heater on Amazon here!