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Vornado 5303DC Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Purchasing a high-quality fan at a fair price is easier said than done. Here’s a product I’ve found that I believe offers the best value for money.

The Vornado 5303DC is a cost-effective fan. It has a remote, 99 fan speeds, low vibrations, and moves air up to 80 feet away. It consumes 80% less compared to its contemporaries. Its main undoing is that it gets noisy at high speeds, and the height can only be manually adjusted. 

This article shows you why the Vornado 5303DC is a worthwhile buy, depicting its pros and cons. For more, read on.

Vornado 5303DC Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Vornado 5303DC Energy Smart Small Air Circulator Fan with Variable Speed Control

Customer Ratings

Overall Rating86 / 100
Ease of Assembly96 / 100
Energy Efficiency90 / 100
Versatility82 / 100
Noise Level78 / 100

Pros of the Vornado 5303DC

  • 99 fan speeds giving precise control of the amount of airflow that suits you
  • Uniquely assembled, making it steady with zero vibrations, even at top speed.
  • Its compact size (11.8” x 10.7″ x 7.2″ or 30cm x 27.2cm x 18.3cm) leaves you more floor-space as you stay cool.
  • Vortex technology provides super-strong circulation to the whole room, cooling you down wherever you are in the room. 
  • Brushless DC motor is efficient using 80% less energy compared to normal fans.
  • Remote Control that gives you total control of the fan’s power, its speed, the timer activation, and timer programming from the convenience of your couch. 
  • Weighs 4lbs (2kg) making it portable 
  • Deep-pitched blades provide up to 240 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of airflow up to 80 feet away, so you can easily cool down even if the fan is at one end of the room.
  • Adjustable tilt-head giving multi-directional airflow that can easily cool down all the corners of your room
  • 10-year warranty protects you in case of manufacturing defects.

Cons of the Vornado 5303DC

  • The fan can be noisy at high speeds but is still quieter compared to other similar fans operated at high speed.
  • It’s not a tower fan; therefore, you can’t regulate its height.
  • It is hand-operated for horizontal movements to blow the air where you want to.

You’ll find the video below a resourceful guide when deciding on a fan to buy:


Product Specifications of Vornado 5303DC

Adjustable HeadYes
Automatic OscillationNo
Power Cord Length6 ft.
Fan Diameter7.2 in. (18.3 cm)
Controls Manual Weight3.98 lbs (1.81 kg)
Base Width7.2 in. (18.3 cm)
Height11.75 in. (29.85 cm)
Maximum Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 240 CFM240 CFM
Adjustable HeightNo
Type of FanTable / Desk
Voltage110-120 V
Remote ControlYes
Depth10.7 in. (27.2 cm)

Should You Consider This?

First and foremost, consider whether a fan would ideally be what you need. It’d be disappointing to invest in a costly fan that ends up not serving the intended purpose.

A fan will suffice if all you need is some cold burst of wind for cooling yourself. In such a case, purchasing an air conditioner might be unnecessarily expensive. 

Fans cool you down by blowing away hot air from your skin, quickening evaporation of sweat, and replacing it with cooler, drier air. When sweat evaporates from the skin surface, heat is dissipated from the body into the atmosphere, cooling your body.

However, in places where the surrounding air is hotter than your body’s temperature (ordinarily at 98.6℉ or 37°C), a fan will be ineffective. It will blow air that’s of higher temperature than your body temperature, which will, in fact, heat you up rather than cool you down. An air-conditioner will be ideal in such situations. A cheaper option would be placing a bowl of ice before a fan.

With that, it’s clear whether you need a fan or not. Let’s now focus on whether you should buy the Vornado 5303DC. Shall we?

You may not need an upgrade if your fan works just fine, and “smart” technology with the benefits of precise control of airflow does not particularly entice you. It would be a needless expense.  

However, if you’re keen on cutting edge technology in energy-efficient fans with super-strong airflows, precisely remote-controlled to your liking, then the Vornado 5303DC is the imminent upgrade. Despite its immense power, its low on electricity costs.

Why the Vornado 5303DC Is the Perfect Deal

You Get Specific Fan Speed; Just What You Need 

A major undoing of most cheap fans is the rigidly precalibrated fan speed settings of low, medium, and high…with nothing in between.

If your preference lies between these options, you’re forced to compromise for either too weak a breeze or an unbearable gale.

Not so with Vornado 5303DC.

The sleek-styled Vornado 5303DC has precise variable speed controls that allow you to dial the perfect airflow setting from 0-99, taking you from soft to silent flow, and legendary power at the higher speeds. You settle for the perfect airflow.

Easy to Use

The Vornado 5303DC is technologically advanced but amazingly easy to use. Setting up the lightweight 4lb (2kg) gadget takes about 5 minutes.

Its programmable timer allows you to set how long it runs, thus managing electricity costs.

A remote further makes it easy to use.

Energy Efficient Fan That Eventually Saves You Money

The Vornado 5303DC offers great savings on power costs.

Wirecutter, the product review company, owned by The New York Times, confirmed to having run tests that corroborated Vornado’s claims that their brushless DC motor fans are 80% more efficient than similar AC-powered fans

So how do brushless DC motors save power?

Without delving into unnecessary details, here’s how brushless motors differ from brushed motors. Brushed motors are made of carbon, but the brushless ones use magnets for power generation. Because of this, brushless motors generate no friction, are heatless, yield better performance, and have low maintenance making them more efficient compared to their brushed counterparts. 

However, they come at a high initial cost, which is compensated for in the long-run by their efficiency.

Some fans run on AC motors. View this video for how AC motors compare to DC motors:

DC motors are a newer technology that’s efficient and operates more quietly. 

Pelonis Technologies Inc claims that DC fans consume up to 70 percent less energy to produce the same output as traditional AC fan types.

You’ll also save money in the long-run given the high quality of manufacturing. 

This Fan Can Improve Sleep Quality

Since the 5303DC fan isn’t noisy at low speeds, you’ll find it helpful for sleep due to the gentle, rhythmic hum it produces. 

The variable speed feature enables you to set the desired intensity for the best quality of white noise.

The soothing sound combines well with the cooling effect making it superior to the kind of white noise you’d derive from a mobile app or computer.   

10-Year Warranty 

The Vornado 5303DC comes with a generous 10-year satisfaction guarantee against workmanship and material defects if you live in the USA and are the original owner of the product. 

The Drawbacks

Like any other product, the 5303DC has limitations that you need to know about.:

Its High Cost

The 5303DC is priced as an acquisition whose true value is realizable over long term use. Its high manufacturing quality and use of new technologies render it unaffordable to some would-be buyers.

For short term use that won’t break the bank, I’ll suggest an alternative that can still do the job; Air King 9723.

Air King 9723 20-Inch 3-Speed Box Fan

Noisy at High Speeds

The 5303DC is a bit noisy at maximum speed. This factor alone however, shouldn’t be a deal-breaker given that its noise is comparable to other similar fans. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have air conditioning. How does this fan make you feel cooler and save money?

It’s been proven that with circulating air, you can tolerate discomfort resulting from a rise in room temperature. This means that if your comfort-threshold is at 70°F (21.2°C) in a room with no moving air, you can tolerate a room with circulating air at 75℉ (23.9°C). That 5% difference in temperature translates to about 10% saving on your power bill. A fan, therefore, can help you save.

Q: How do you clean the blades and the grill?

The grills can be easily removed by removing the five screws attaching the grill to the fan body. A screwdriver will be handy for the job. You can then proceed to clean the blades after once the grill is removed. The fan’s product manual contains a complete guide. 

Q: How do I best use my Vornado 5303DC during the summer?

It’s recommended you use the higher settings, as 5303DC gives variable settings, fine-tune to what is appropriate for you. Aim the beam of air to hit a wall across the room. Target approximately halfway up. This gives the best high-speed circulation in the room. 

Final Thoughts

The Vornado 5303DC is a powerful but portable package that delivers exceptional performance. The convenience and energy-saving benefits that accrue in the long run are well worth the price. The higher price relative to the more normal fans shouldn’t come as a surprise if keeping cool is a non-negotiable goal.


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