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Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating? Here’s Why (+ How To Fix)

The Speed Queen brand has been part of the renowned global commercial laundry manufacturer Alliance Laundry Systems LLC since 1908. Speed Queen washers and dryers can be described as “old is gold” because the manufacturer has a tradition of creating appliances with quality-performance features over flashy modern features. So, why did your Speed Queen dryer stop heating?

These are the top 4 reasons your dryer is not heating:

  • A blown/loose fuse or open circuit breaker
  • The gas line is turned off
  • The exhaust duct is kinked or blocked
  • The heating element is burned out

In this article, I’ll tell you what you can do to fix these Speed Queen dryer heating problems without the need to call for service. However, I’ll also highlight some problems only a certified professional can fix. Let’s get down to the details!

Blown/Loose Fuse or Open Circuit Breaker

If you have an electric Speed Queen dryer and it is not heating, the fuse(s) of the laundry room may be blown or loose, or the circuit breaker open, depending on your case. 

In both cases, the current will not flow to the dryer. If one of the fuses or switches is working, the current may flow to start the dryer motor, but it won’t heat. You’ll need to assess the power supply and perform the required fixes.

How To Fix

Perform the following troubleshooting steps depending on your case.

If your Speed Queen dryer uses fuses, check if the fuse is loose and fit it properly to restore current.

If your fuse box has cartridge fuses and the fuse is blown, the filament inside the glass may be broken, or the fuse glass is dirty from residue. If the box has screw-in fuses, you’ll need to test the fuse element for continuity to see if it’s burned. 

Purchase a fuse (or fuses) of the same model and amperage and replace the blown fuse.

If Your Speed Queen dryer uses a circuit breaker, check if the circuit is open (the breaker is tripped). Flip the switch (or switches) back on to close the circuit and get power to the dryer.

Note: The Speed Queen manufacturer instructions indicate that your dryer should have a dedicated terminal block and be connected to a 60-hertz phase circuit on a separate branch, fused at 30A. The wall outlet should be rated 208V/240V depending on the dryer’s heating element. The dryer should never be connected to a 110V/115V/120V outlet.

The Gas Line Is Turned Off

If you have a gas Speed Queen dryer instead of an electric dryer, it will not output heat if there is no gas supply. This may happen if the gas line is turned off. Note that your gas dryer may turn on with electricity because some components of the gas dryer use electricity to run. However, the burners will not light if there’s no gas, and the dryer will not heat.

How To Fix

If your Speed Queen gas dryer is turning on but won’t heat, check the gas line valve to ensure it is turned on. This can happen if the appliance has been recently cleaned or some repair has been done, and the gas line was turned off for safety.

Locate the gas valve and check if the handle stands perpendicular to the gas line. If so, turn it back on by making a quarter turn so that the handle is parallel to the gas line.

If electricity or the gas supply isn’t the cause for your Speed Queen dryer not heating, the next thing to check is the vent pipe or exhaust duct.

The Exhaust Duct Is Kinked or Blocked

Dryers have a vent pipe attached to the back of the drying drum that removes excess moisture and fluff. It also prevents overheating inside the drying drum.

If the duct gets blocked or kinked, the flow of air and moisture will be blocked, and lint from the drying process won’t be eliminated. The retained moisture will reduce the heat and cause your dryer to feel like it’s not heating. 

The high heat from a blocked dryer duct can also cause the thermal fuse to blow or trip, and your dryer won’t receive the signal to start heating in that case. You’ll need to fix the blockage to get your dryer to heat.

How To Fix

First, check to ensure the dryer exhaust duct has no kinks or curves blocking the way of moisture, air, and lint. If there are bends, straighten them.

Next, place your hand at the end of the exhaust duct outside the home while the dryer is on “Max Dry” and feel if hot air comes out of the vent. If not, the exhaust vent is blocked and needs cleaning. 

The Speed Queen manufacturer recommends that the exhaust duct be inspected and cleaned by a qualified service person. This should be done annually as part of routine service or whenever the duct gets blocked.

If none of the three issues discussed above are causing your Speed Queen dryer not to heat, your dryer may have an issue with the heating element or one of the other components.

The Heating Element Is Burned Out

Dryers work by creating resistance and generating heat when the heating element is electrically charged. If your dryer is not heating, the heating element may be burned out, which means the absence of electrical current continuity.

It is best to test the heating element for continuity if you suspect that it could be causing your dryer not to heat. Even a tiny crack can spoil a dryer heating element, and you won’t be able to tell by just looking at it.

How To Fix

You can test and replace the heating element in a Speed Queen dryer in a single process. Follow these steps:

  1. Cut power to the dryer at the circuit breaker.
  2. Unthread the two screws holding the lower back panel and place the panel aside.
  3. Locate the heating element and unfasten the two mounting screws. The heating element is a spiral coil attached to a metal plate.
  4. Detach the connection wires and pull out the heating element. Note down where each wire goes. Or take a photo.
  5. Take a multimeter and adjust it to the lowest ohms reading.
  6. Touch each of the heating element terminals with a probe of the meter. Your dryer’s heating element should show a reading between 0 and 50 ohms if it is good. If nothing happens on the multimeter display, the heating element is burned out and needs replacement. 
  7. Assuming you’ve ordered a new and compatible heating element for your dryer, attach the connection wires to the new element and fit it where the old one was. Fasten the screws to firm the element.
  8. Fix the lower back panel to its place and thread the mounting screws.
  9. Turn on the power to the dryer and run a dry cycle to see if the dryer resumes heating.

See this Amre Supply video on how to test a Speed Queen dryer heating element for continuity:

This video demonstrates the steps for replacing a bad Speed Queen dryer heating element:

Other elements that may cause your Speed Queen dryer not to heat if they malfunction include:

  • A blown or tripped thermal fuse
  • A defective flame sensor (gas dryer)
  • The gas valve solenoid (gas dryer)
  • A burned-out igniter (gas dryer)
  • A malfunctioning high-limit thermostat
  • A defective timer
  • A faulty main control board

Speed Queen recommends you seek support for any of these issues on their Find Service page or call the Homeowner Customer Support number (800-552-5475).


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