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Samsung Refrigerator Keeps Beeping? Top 4 Causes (+ Fixes)

Consistent Samsung refrigerator beeping can be annoying. Yet the worst part about it is that your fridge could have a problem, which could compromise the appliance’s food preserving function. In such cases, your number one worry will be to find out why your Samsung refrigerator keeps beeping.

There are 4 top reasons why your Samsung refrigerator will keep beeping:

  • The fridge door is not closed properly.
  • The fridge temperature is higher than the safe range.
  • The Forced Defrost feature is activated.
  • There’s ice buildup in the fridge freezer.

While you could try resolving these issues by checking your Samsung refrigerator User Manual, you may not find precise information to fix every one of these causes. That’s why I put together this article to give you practical and quick fixes for Samsung refrigerator beeping problems. Let’s get straight to the key issues!

1. The Fridge Door Is Not Closed Properly

Newer Samsung fridge models are made to produce a continuous beeping sound if the door is not closed properly or left ajar for more than 3 minutes. The Door Alarm feature on the control panel will also blink. 

A partially closed fridge door could happen by mistake or be due to one of these issues:

  • Obstruction on the fridge door (an object on the way or a fridge rack not pushed all the way inside).
  • A dirty fridge door gasket or seal. 

Whatever the case, you’ll need to fix an open Samsung fridge door that keeps beeping.

How to Fix a Fridge Door Issue That’s Causing Beeping

Perform one of these fixes if your fridge is beeping due to an open-door issue:

  1. Look for any objects obstructing the door path or fridge racks protruding out of the cooling compartment.  
  2. Check the door seal to see if dirt build-up is causing gaps when you close the fridge door. If the door gasket is dirty, clean it with a mild detergent and soft cloth. Then use a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture.
  3. Deactivate the fridge door alarm. If you don’t want your Samsung refrigerator to beep when you leave it open for more than 3 minutes, press the Door Alarm pad to turn it off. For the Family Hub Model, go to Apps, Fridge Manager, Fridge Settings, Door Alarm, and toggle the option to OFF.

If it appears to you that the fridge door is closed but the alarm door is activated, gently push the door to ensure it’s properly sealed. If the fridge still doesn’t stop beeping, assess the appliance for these other issues.

2. The Fridge Temperature Is Higher than the Safe Range

The recommended Samsung Fridge temperature is 38°F (3°C). If your fridge door is properly closed and you have set your fridge temperature at this range, the temperature in the fridge could be too high and unsafe for food preservation. In that case, the fridge will beep to warn you of the high temperatures. 

There are two main reasons your fridge may have a temperature that’s higher than the one you’ve set:

  • A power outage lasting long enough to raise the fridge temperatures above the safe range. The refrigerator will start beeping and keep beeping even after power is restored until the temperatures are back to a safe level.
  • The refrigerator has an issue that’s disrupting temperature reading. This could be due to a faulty thermostat or thermistor or a defective cooling system.

How to Fix Refrigerator Beeping from High Temperatures

If the beeping is due to an extended power outage causing the fridge temperature to rise above the safe range, simply allow the fridge to cool back to the set temperature level when power is restored.

However, if your fridge has power yet the temperature is high, call a Samsung technician to determine if the fridge has any problems causing faulty temperature readings.

3. The ‘Forced Defrost’ Feature Is Activated

Some Samsung refrigerator models have a Forced Defrost (FD) feature. This feature lets your fridge activate defrosting every 24 hours to eliminate any ice buildup from continuous fridge opening. 

Forced defrost is a normal part of fridge operation. It preempts food contamination and fridge malfunctioning from ice buildup on the coils. 

When your Samsung refrigerator activates forced defrost, a beeping sound is also activated. This beep is heard every second until the defrost process stops, which lasts around half an hour. Fortunately, you can stop this beep by deactivating the forced defrost feature and manually defrosting your refrigerator when you deem it necessary.

How to Stop Fridge Beeping by Deactivating Forced Defrost

To deactivate the Forced Defrost feature on your Samsung fridge, simultaneously press the same buttons that activate the feature on your fridge model for about four seconds. This varies from model to model. 

For example, on the Samsung RF28 series, you will press the Energy Saver and the Power Freeze pads. On the Samsung RF263 series, instead, you press the Energy Saver and the Fridge buttons.

You will hear a beep when the defrost mode is deactivated, and the control panel will display “OFF” on the feature.

If you have a Samsung Refrigerator model with the Forced Defrost Mode, check your User Manual for precise instructions on how to deactivate the feature.

4. Ice Buildup in the Fridge Freezer

If your Samsung fridge freezer has humid air getting in through a door with a bad seal or due to poor ventilation, ice will build up in the freezer.

Excessive ice buildup can activate a beeping alarm, especially if your fridge isn’t equipped with the auto-defrost feature. 

How to Fix Beeping from Ice Buildup in a Fridge Freezer

Should you notice that your Samsung fridge freezer has ice buildup, turn off the fridge and allow time for the ice to thaw. After a while, ensure the fridge freezer door closes properly and that there’s proper ventilation.
If none of the above solutions fixes your Samsung fridge beeping, use the ASC Locator to request service from a Samsung Service Center near you.


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