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Best Permanent Above Ground Pools With Deck

A permanent above-ground pool with a deck is an excellent choice to install in your backyard. It is cheaper than in-ground pools and coupled with a deck, it can enhance your backyard’s beauty. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for great ideas for permanent above-ground pools with a deck. 

Several types of above-ground pools with decks are available, including pools with pergolas, pools with built-in benches, pools with fire pits and many more. 

In this piece, I will present the different variations you can add to your above-ground pool and the pros and cons of each. I will also discuss factors you should consider while choosing your above-ground pool with a deck and answer some frequently asked questions at the end. 

20 Best Above-Ground Pool Designs

Now, look at some of the best above-ground pool designs that will be perfect for your backyard.

Add A Fence To Your Deck

The first above-ground pool deck design you can opt for is surrounding your deck with a fence. This will provide a secure and private environment and an excellent way to further decorate your deck with lights and plants. The con of this design is that your view of your surroundings might get obstructed by a fence. In addition to that, the fence may give you a sense of lack of space. 


Go For Stairs Instead Of A Ladder

Having a deck with stairs rather than a ladder is a pleasant-looking choice, especially if you have enough space. Access to the deck will be much easier. The stairs can be decorated with plants and lights to enhance beauty. However, it requires more space and will shorten your deck. 

Partial Deck

This design should be great if you want to increase your pool area while still having a small deck towards the side. With this design, you can significantly enhance the pool area, and the deck won’t cost you much. The con of this design is the lack of space on the deck to invite a group of people and host big pool parties. 

Octagonal Above-Ground Pool With Deck

How about adding a twist to your regular rectangular or circular pool and making it octagonal? This will add a modern twist to your pool, and everyone on the deck will have better access to the pool. On the other hand, the hexagonal swimming pool might be difficult to construct and could cost you more than a regular four-cornered or circular pool. 

Ground Pool With A Tiered Deck

Rather than having stairs or ladders to access the deck, a straightforward way to get to the deck and enhance the looks of your pool is to have a tiered deck. This will give you a greater area to sit around the pool and have a great party. The costs might be more than having a simple flat deck, and the flat deck area could be limited by the tiered design.

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Ground Pool With Deck And Trampoline

This design should be your go-to if you want to have a great pool party with many kids. A trampoline alongside your pool will entertain children while looking trendy and unique. However, there are risks associated with using a trampoline, so you should watch your kids. 

Decorate Your Deck With Lighting

Having just a simple deck might be less attractive. How about we spice things up with some lighting? You can not only make your pool eye-catching, but you’ll also be able to use the pool at night for a late-night pool party. The lighting will cost you more, though, and it might not be as useful because people usually turn on the lights at night, and pools are usually used during the daytime. 

Above Ground Swimming Pool With Platform Deck

If you love jumping into your pool and the sound of splashing water everywhere, this design will suit you greatly. A raised platform with your swimming pool deck can create an exciting experience while adding a trendy feel to your pool. It will give you the sense of a regular on-ground swimming pool. You should be careful because having a platform may lead to accidents, so don’t let your kids get too close without supervision. 

Continuation With A Wooden Bridge

If you’ve got space, you can connect two decks by a bridge. This pool patio idea will surely amaze everyone. This will be an excellent space for kids to play while you enjoy the view. This design will, however, only be usable if you have a large area. In addition to that, having two separate decks with a connecting bridge will cost you more than having a single deck. 

Over-Ground Pool With Slides

We looked at the above-ground pool with a deck and a trampoline earlier. Let’s take things further and add slides to the deck. An excellent way for your kids to enjoy themselves while you watch over them and have a wonderful time. Adding slides will cost you more, and your pool might lose its sophisticated look.

Above-Ground Garden Pool

This pool design will surely please you if you’re a nature lover. You can enhance the charm of your deck by adding a lot of plants and greenery that will make you feel like you’re having a hot pool bath somewhere out in the wild. Remember that adding more plants to your pool will attract insects and animals. Leaves and other debris might fall into the pool and affect its alkalinity


Multi-Level Deck Stairs

Rather than having a tiered deck, you can use multi-level stairs on one side. This will be a great hybrid between a flat and tiered deck, providing a refreshing look and a sitting area on the stairs. You can also decorate these stairs with plants. This will reduce the sitting area on top of the deck, leaving less room for furniture. 

Wooden Deck With Lounge

The best way to make your deck more comfy is to include furniture such as a lounger, some sofas, tables, and an umbrella for shade. You can have a nice peaceful outing from the comfort of your home. This is much more soothing and pleasant than regular chairs and tables. Remember, it will cost you more than simple wooden furniture, and you will need a larger deck to accommodate large sofas. 

Oval Above-Ground Pool

Let’s separate from the regular rectangle and square above-ground pools and have a mix of both instead. An oval above-ground pool accommodates more people near the pool’s edges and provides more space on the deck. However, remember that building an oval pool might be more complicated, so you might not be able to DIY it, and it might cost you more. 

Above Ground Pool With A Raised Deck

Rather than having a platform, how about the entire deck being raised slightly above the pool? This design will give you the perfect height to rest your feet inside the water and have a great time with your family and friends. It’s a perfect design for large above-ground pools. The extra space between the deck and the pool might be difficult to clean from underneath. 

Pools With Pergolas

If you want to feel like you’re on vacation, this design will give you just that. Adding a pergola amplifies your pool’s beauty, and the captivating look will impress your relatives and friends. You can relax in the shade while sipping lemonade.

This can go with a range of above-ground pool sizes, but having more space on your deck for a more comfortable experience is best. A pool with a pergola will increase your above-ground pool cost compared to simply having an umbrella.

Pools With Fire Pit

Want to enjoy your pool during the winter, but the water is too cold? If that’s the case, this design is for you. You can add a fire pit at the center or the side and have a warm place to rest when you come out of the pool. The cons of this design include the fire getting taken out due to water splashing, and fire also comes with risks. 

Curved Deck

How about replacing the regular straight-sided deck with something more elegant, like a curved one? You will find this change aesthetically pleasing. Building a pool deck that is curved, however, isn’t as simple, and if you’re not confident in your DIY skills, you might have to hire a trained professional, which might cost you extra.

Add A Gate To Your Deck

If you’re worried about your children getting into the pool while you aren’t present, you can add a gate to the stairs leading to the deck. In addition to being secure, a wooden gate offers a clean and sophisticated look.

The downside of this design is that it can only be applied if there are stairs or a ladder leading to your deck. If there are no stairs and, instead, the deck itself is tiered, then you would have to add an extra fence around the pool to install a gate. 

Above-Ground Pool With Stone Deck

If you’re looking for something different, this idea will provide you with a unique yet sophisticated design you will enjoy immensely. Rather than going for wood, you go for a stone deck. While it enhances the beauty quite a bit, stones tend to be expensive compared to wood, and the deck might break down much more easily. 

How to Choose the Best Permanent Above-Ground Pool with Deck for You

Here are some factors to consider when selecting the best permanent above-ground pool deck: 

  • The space available can significantly influence the choice of your above-ground pool. With more space, you can incorporate features like a fire pit or a pergola into your above-ground pool. If your area is limited, then opt for a compact design.
  • The shape of the pool and the deck will significantly influence the above-ground pool installation cost.
  • Who will be using the pool? If you want to make a pool specifically for children, you can incorporate other entertaining items like a slide or a trampoline. Going for a lounge with sofas might be the best choice if you want to relax.
  • Your budget will undoubtedly influence your choices. Adding pergolas, slides, furniture or building a larger deck will cost you more than just keeping things simple. Therefore, you should always consider your budget before planning your above-ground pool with a deck.
  • The type of material you want to use affects the above-ground pool prices. Using wood will cost you much less compared to PVC or trex. At the same time, you might need more maintenance if you decide to go for wood.
  • The weather conditions of your area should be kept in mind when deciding on your pool with a deck. For example, if it rains often or the sun is mostly out, you should consider having more umbrellas or a pergola.
  • Should you hire labor or go DIY? This depends on your skill level and how difficult the pool and deck are to build. Some designs might require construction machinery, while you can easily make others. Hiring someone to construct the pool will cost more than going DIY.
  • Whether you wish to install fencing can affect your design choices. Fencing is a safe and private option and ideal if you have kids so that you can avoid accidents. 
  • The design of your pool ultimately depends on personal liking and preference. The cost will vary depending on whether you want your pool to be simple, elegant, or featured.
  • The design of your deck also comes down to personal preference. Going for a larger deck with more furniture will increase the costs and vice versa.
  • Installing equipment such as filters, pumps, and those required for maintenance and closing will also influence the price.
  • Additional features you want to include in your pool, such as a backrest, gate, fire pit, or pergola, will also affect your decision-making and overall cost.


To sum things up, there are many great designs that you can try when it comes to a permanent above-ground pool with a deck. While making your choice, you should consider the budget, the amount of space available, the materials you want to use, and what you will be using the pool for.

Remember always to clean your pool regularly and check its alkalinity. Proper maintenance and durable materials allow your pool to last well over 30 years.


What is the longest-lasting above-ground pool material?

An average above-ground pool will last you somewhere between 7 and 15 years. If you’re looking for a pool that will last you the longest, opt for one made of resin or steel. These pools are extremely tough and will last you 20-plus years, even up to a lifetime.

What is the best deck for an above-ground pool?

The majority of the above-ground pools have decks made from wood. The cost and longevity of the deck depends on the type of wood you use. Several other options are also available for making decks such as Trex and PVC. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to decide which one suits you the most. 

Trex composite decking has several advantages:

  • It is made from sustainable materials 
  • Does not require annual maintenance 
  • Does not experience rotting, splinters, warping, and cracks
  • Resistant to stains, fading, and insects

Disadvantages of trex decking:

  • It can get quite hot when exposed to direct sunlight 
  • More expensive than wood

Advantages of PVC decking:

  • It is non-absorbent 
  • Resistant to rot and mildew
  • Does not require as much maintenance as wood

Disadvantages of PVC decking:

  • It can get quite slippery 
  • It may get really hot in the sun
  • May experience fading

Advantages of wood:

  • The most commonly used material 
  • Cheaper compared to other options 
  • It does not get hot in direct sunlight 

Disadvantages of wood:

  • It has high maintenance and requires seasonal care
  • It tends to splinter and warp over time
  • May experience rot, fading, and staining more than other options 
  • It is subject to insect and termite infestation 

Can an above-ground pool be permanent?

Yes, above-ground pools can be permanent. These will last you from 7 to 15 years. However, those made from resin and steel have much longer lifespans (more than 20 years).

What is the best above-ground pool for 2023?

It is tough to say which above-ground pool is the best. There are excellent options available, as mentioned above, and it comes down to your preference, space availability, budget, and pool requirements. Regardless of whichever option, all the options mentioned before will provide you with an aesthetic feel and a great place to have quality time with your family and loved ones.

Can an above-ground pool last 30 years?

Yes, if your above-ground pool is appropriately maintained and made from long-lasting materials such as steel and resin, it can last up to 30 years or more.

How many years do above-ground pools last?

On average, an above-ground pool lasts somewhere between 7 and 15 years. This period can, however, vary depending on the type of material used, quantity of the material, frequency of maintenance of the pool, and weather conditions. Using long-lasting materials and keeping seasonal care of your pool can last you well over 20 years.


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