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Does Nike Dri-Fit Keep You Cool?

Nike Dri-Fit has been a favorite amongst athletes of all types for decades. From football stars to casual runners, everyone loves this range of garments, and with good reason! Nike Dri-Fit was created for optimum comfort in all weather conditions, so it is perfect to wear during blistering summer days.

Nike Dri-Fit keeps you cool. The microfiber polyester blend behind Nike Dri-Fit apparel transfers sweat away from your body and to the outer surface of the fabric, which ensures that you’ll stay cool and dry under most circumstances.

During the summer, many people prefer to wear light materials such as cotton or linen, but I still recommend giving Nike Dri-Fit a shot. Let’s take a look at why Nike Dri-Fit is so well-liked and why so many people use it for cooling purposes.

What is Nike Dri-Fit?

Nike Dri-Fit is a unique material made using micro-fiber polyester fabric. This material is lightweight and keeps users dry and comfortable, and its technology helps your body’s natural cooling system.

Imagine you are going for a run or walk on a summer day, and you’re drenched in sweat because your shirt, pants, or shorts trap moisture. Unpleasant, isn’t it? Well, Nike Dri-Fit uses its microfiber technology to prevent this from happening.

To put it simply, Nike Dri-Fit moves sweat away from your body and onto the garment, where it quickly evaporates. The material absorbs a lot more sweat in a lot less time when compared to conventional materials such as cotton or linen. This means users stay comfortable and maintain a free range of motion for a longer period.

Moreover, Nike Dri-Fit also maintains breathability via well-placed ventilation zones, known as Dri-Fit Body Mapping construction. For those worried about moving around in the sun, Nike apparel also offers Dri-Fit UV options, which features built-in UPF 30 ultraviolet protection.

Nike first used this material to make sports jerseys. Following the quick commercial success of the material, the American sportswear giant went on to make casual shirts, pants, shorts, socks, jackets, and more. Nike Dri-Fit is amongst the brand’s most popular apparel ranges.

Why is Nike Dri-Fit unique?

Let’s take a look at why Nike Dri-Fit is a much-desired piece of workout gear and why it beats out its competitors.

  • Ultra-thin – Dri-Fit apparel is extremely thin since the fabric is manufactured using microfibers, which has a quarter of the thickness of cotton. This means users get a high-quality, soft feel, making it enjoyable to wear on hot days. The lightweight material elevates your comfort greatly when compared to a regular t-shirt.
  • Sweat Dissipation – Cotton is the most common material that people choose to wear in summer. The problem is that cotton traps moisture and starts absorbing sweat quickly, creating an uncomfortable, clammy feeling. Nike Dri-Fit, on the other hand, wicks sweat away. It moves sweat away from your skin and onto the outer layer of the shirt evenly, aiding its quick evaporation.
  • Absorbent – Not only does the Nike Dri-Ft move sweat away, but it is also highly absorbent. Some experts estimate that this material can absorb more than seven times its weight, which is far superior to cotton. In addition, it also takes around 1/3rd of the time that regular materials take to dry.
  • Diverse range – Nike took advantage of Dri-Fit’s early success to design more apparel. As such, the Dri-Fit range includes running tops, casual t-shirts, tights, shirts, trousers, shorts of different kinds, jumpers and hoodies. Socks and innerwear are also available. Most of the items in your wardrobe can be replaced with a Dri-Fit alternative at an affordable price.
  • Durable – Microfibers are virtually indestructible unless you intentionally tear or cut them up with scissors. Since this apparel was initially designed for athletes, it was created to avoid easy wear and tear. Nike Dri-Fit clothes are easy to wash and can be a part of your wardrobe for more than five years.
  • Shrink and wrinkle resistance – A big advantage of Nike Dri-Fit apparel is that it does not shrink or get wrinkled after washing. This means no frustrations and no ironing. All you need to do is follow the simple care instructions on the label to ensure that your shirts, shorts or socks are usable for years.

When can Nike Dri-Fit be used?

As mentioned above, Nike Dri-Fit has a wide range of products. This apparel enables users to stay comfortable and cool in most daily environments, be it the gym, the streets, college, work, or home. Let’s take a look at how this range can be used.


Nike is primarily a sports apparel and footwear company. As such, their Dri-Fit range was developed with keeping athletes and active users comfortable.

Not only does this apparel keep wearers cool, but it’s also visually appealing.

A variety of men’s activewear, such as shirts, jerseys, running tops, basketball shorts, and track pants are available. Women’s clothing includes different kinds of cropped tights, yoga pants, training shorts, tank tops, and more. Unisex sportswear such as jackets, socks, and hoodies are also available.

These products have various designs and can fit different body types. Some of these apparel also incorporates other innovations like Nike’s Knit technology or the Dri-Fit UV range that offers UPF 30 ultraviolet protection.


You can wear Dri-Fit anywhere you like – be it at home, a walk in the park or a trip to the local cafe. T-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, trousers, and pants with stunning, trendy designs are perfect for everyday use, while shorts, shirts, and joggers can also be used to lounge around at home.


Nike Dri-Fit has a professional range of workwear. This includes a stunning range of polo shirts, with a crisp finish.

For example, the Hurley Dri-FIT Worker Pant breathes new life into a classic chino, while the Dri-FIT Lagos Henley does the same for a classic henley shirt. Men could also show off their style with a short-sleeve button-down Hurley Dri-FIT Marwick shirt.

Women’s golf polo shirts and skirts are also available. If you’re heading to a formal occasion, you could show up in the mesmerizing Hurley Dri-FIT Dress, available in classic black, blush, and heather colors.


No one can be comfortable or focus on a task when their innerwear is bothering them.

Nike solves this issue by creating Dri-Fit innerwear/ base clothing that allows you to go about your daily activities freely. Women can choose from a choice of luxurious sports bras, which provide optimum comfort and all-day breathability. There are also men’s training shorts with built-in briefs.

Final thoughts

Sweat, moisture, and odor can ruin anyone’s day.

To avoid this, especially in the summer, you need to pay attention to the clothes you’re wearing. Choosing the right apparel to keep you comfy and refreshed during warm weather is hard as you need to browse through hundreds of products to find the right brand, material, and fit.

These decisions are made a lot simpler with Nike Dri-Fit, as the apparel range mixes innovative technology with the latest fashion trends to keep you cool and stylish at the same time.


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