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How to Stay Warm on an Air Mattress: 9 Effective Tips

Nowadays, air mattresses are all the rage, and they indeed deserve to be so. They are easy to pack, inflate, and even use for different purposes.

To stay warm on an air mattress, you should add some heat by filling a water bottle with hot water and placing it between the sheets a few minutes before you get into bed. However, be careful not to use boiling water because that may put you at risk of getting burnt.

Read on to find out more tips on how to stay warm on an air mattress.

How to Stay Warm on an Air Mattress

Invest in a quality air mattress.

One of the most important things for you to do is get your hands on a quality air mattress. This may mean you have to dig deeper into your pocket. Additionally, you should go for an air mattress manufactured by a reputable brand. Some examples of quality air mattresses include the following:

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If you get it right on quality, you are likely to enjoy the mattress for many years to come. A quality mattress ensures that you get restful sleep and stay warm even when temperatures are dropping.

Get it off the ground.

Placing your air bed on the tent’s floor may seem like the easiest option for you to take. But that is not always the best option. Instead, consider getting the air mattress off the ground or place something between it and the ground.

The cold that comes from the tent’s floor can easily cause the air bed to get a little colder than it should. Placing your mattress on a cot is one of the ways you can resolve the issue. You can also opt to place foam tiles on the floor or the tent or wherever you may be. Such foam tiles help make the tent cozy and comfortable to walk around in.

Consider a mattress topper.

Some air mattresses have a hard surface that almost feels like plastic. The surface may also get cold, and that may result in discomfort for you. To resolve this issue, think about adding a mattress topper.

There are many options for a mattress topper with some available commercially, while others are simply DIY solutions. For example, spreading a thick blanket on your air mattress may do the trick. Foam pads, egg crates, and even bubble wraps may be simple things to use just to make your mattress more comfortable.

How to Stay Warm on an Air Mattress

Layer your clothing.

Just before getting into your air mattress, consider wearing layers of clothes. This helps to trap your body heat while at the same time preventing your body from coming into direct contact with the surface of the air mattress.

Woolen, silk, and other types of synthetic clothes are often the best options if you want to keep warm. Cotton and similar materials are not good at offering insulation from the cold, which is why you should shun them.

Hats, Gloves, and Socks 

The human body is sophisticated, and during cold weather, the brain channels all body heat to the head to protect the brain from getting cold. This means the brain will draw heat from your hands and feet, leaving them feeling cold.

To resolve this issue, it is prudent for you to always have accessories such as woolen socks and gloves. These are likely to keep you warm. A nightcap can also be an excellent way to keep your head warm.

Drink hot tea.

A hot cup of tea can work wonders when you are feeling cold on your bed. Keeping a flask of hot tea nearby is key to getting that much-needed warmth. Of course, it does not have to be tea only. You can also opt to drink a cup of hot coffee or chocolate. 

Hot drinks tend to stimulate the body’s metabolism, and this ultimately results in you feeling warm. Additionally, avoid eating cold food and instead eat warm food.

Get a heater for your tent.

If you are out camping in a cold area, one of the best things you can do to stay warm is to turn on a heater. There are various heater options for you to choose from, with a number being portable and functional. Some heaters even double up as fans meaning they can keep you warm at night and cool during the day.

If you decide to use a heater in the tent, it may be advisable to turn it off at some point in the night because leaving it on may cause excessive accumulation of heat, which can also result in discomfort.

Choose a quality tent.

If you like using your air mattress while out camping, it is wise to ensure that you get a good tent. A well-built tent can keep the interior warm by itself, which means it will take the hustle from you trying to stay warm while in bed.

Poor quality tents do not offer effective insulation and therefore leave you exposed to the cold. If you are using your mattress in a room, make sure all windows are shut. But do not cover ventilation.

Think of sleeping pads.

A fact about air mattresses is that they can be filled with cold air in a short time. And this can end up making you feel cold while sleeping. To resolve this issue, consider getting sleeping pads for your mattress. Sleeping pads are quite affordable and often fit perfectly on the air mattress.

How to Stay Warm on an Air Mattress

Another way to stay warm is by using hand and leg warmers. Today, you can even find reusable hand warmers, and this makes them an inexpensive way to stay warm while you are resting on your air mattress.

Bonus Tip

You need to ensure that your air mattress remains as dry as possible. That means you should avoid spilling water or any other liquids on the mattress. In case of accidental spillages, wipe off the wetness and let the mattress dry. If there is too much liquid on the mattress, ensure that you take it out during the day and let it dry out under the sun.


Staying warm while out camping or just having a sleepover at your best friend’s basement is key to enjoying a fulfilling night of sleep. But to achieve that, you need to carefully choose which of the tips mentioned above is the most effective and easy for you to apply.

For some people, using one of the tips above may do the trick, while others may have to go with a mix of two or three tricks to achieve that. Don’t forget that sleeping in a warm bed at night is key to staying healthy and enjoying a sharp focus during the day.


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