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GE Oven Door Glass Shattered? Here’s What To Do

You can fix a new glass door or call a technician if the glass on your GE oven door shatters. To fix it yourself, you must first check your model number, order a new glass door, and follow the installation guide in this article.

I was using the self-clean feature on my GE JGB700SEJSS oven when I heard a loud pop from the kitchen. After turning off my oven and opening the door, I found the glass door had shattered. I wrote this guide to help you fix your shattered oven door, as calling a technician is costly. 

GE oven door glass shattering is rare, but it can happen. In 2015, for example, the Safety Institute asked the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to look into many broken oven doors. Of the 300 reported cases, 87 were from GE. 

How To Replace GE Oven Door Shattered Glass

You cannot foresee purchasing an oven with impurities in the oven door glass. If you are unlucky enough to own a GE oven with impurities in the glass door, your only option is to replace the door when it’s shattered.

You can easily replace a broken GE oven door by following these steps:

  1. Prepare a glass-safe working area before starting the oven door replacement process: You can do that by spreading a towel or carpet on the floor.
  2. Remove the oven door completely: Pulling the hinge locks at the lower corners brings them to the unlocked position. Check your Owner’s Manual for specifications on how to remove your oven door.
  3. Lift the oven door while holding it firmly until the slots leave the hinges: After unlocking the hinges on both ends of the door, lift it off the hinges while holding it firmly. 
  4. Remove the screws that hold the inner door barrier and the lower trim: Remove all the screws holding the handle, the inner door cover, and the hinges in place. 
  5. Pull off the installation cover: After removing all the screws, remove the installation cover and gently place it on the surface. 
  6. Remove the broken glass and clear out any shards: Before installing the replacement glass, ensure there are no shards from the previous broken glass.
  7. Slide the new oven door glass where the old one was: Ensure the rough side of the glass goes in first. (there should be instructions on the glass, ensure to read it carefully)
  8. Replace the installation cover and screw it tightly. 
  9. Flip the door over, fix the inner door, and screw the hinges and all screws tightly.
  10.  Place the door back in the oven and lock the hinges in place. 

You can find a visual aid for performing these steps in this YouTube video: GE Oven Door Glass Replacement

If your GE oven door is free of impurities, the only other reason it will break is if it is mishandled.

So, why would a GE oven door shatter into pieces?

There are two leading causes for why a GE oven door will break or shatter:

  • Impurities in Oven Door Glass
  • Oven Door Glass Mishandling

To help you avoid the shock and desperation of an oven door shattering, I wrote this article explaining the two top reasons a GE oven will shatter. I will also give you a step-by-step solution to this oven mishap. Find out the details in the rest of the article.

Reasons Why a GE Door Will Break or Shatter

Impurities in Oven Door Glass

According to GE Appliances, oven doors are made of heat-strengthened glass to help them withstand the heat in the oven or any external impact. In addition, all GE ranges and oven door glass meets Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards.  

GE explains that if your GE oven door glass breaks, the glass may have minute impurities. These impurities can cause the door to fail the heat test over time. 

Additionally, should the glass on a GE oven door break, it should shatter into small pieces and not large glass pieces. A shattered GE oven door glass has to be replaced.

Oven Door Glass Mishandling

However hard it might be, glass is generally meant to be handled with care. When it comes to oven door glass, mishandling could mean one of these situations:

  • Using the oven door to push racks into the oven: While this may seem convenient, you’re slowly mishandling your oven door. 
  • Consistently hitting the glass with cookware: As much as you can, refrain from hitting the glass with cookware. Over time, this causes scratches which in turn leads to cracks. 
  • Scratching the oven door with sharp objects.
  • Physical impact on the oven door: This means refraining from putting pots, kettles, pans, or trays on the glass door. 
  • Improper or forceful cleaning: While you’d want your glass sparkling, do not force clean by pressing too hard on the glass or using the wrong types of products. 
  • Rapid temperature changes: When exposed to heat, materials expand and contrast. So, do not place cold dishes on hot oven doors, as this can cause the glass to expand and contract rapidly, which weakens the glass, leading to damage. 

All three situations will weaken your oven door and cause it to break over time. 

Safety Tips To Handle Oven Door Properly and Prevent Glass Shattering

To avoid weakening your GE oven door glass, use these handling precautions: 

  • Only close your oven door after ensuring the oven racks are entirely pushed into place.
  • Never push the oven racks into the oven with the door.
  • Avoid hitting or scratching your oven door with cooking pans, pots, or other objects that may impact the glass.
  • Avoid rapid temperature changes.
  • Do not bang or slam the door.
  • Inspect the door and seals regularly.

How to Clean Oven Doors Glass Shattered

Here are some safety rules to follow when cleaning up broken glass: 

  • Do not vacuum shards of glass
  • Keep children and pets away from the area
  • Inspect the wider area, especially if the glass broke outward
  • Use protective gear and clean the shard using a dustpan and brush
  • Turn off your kitchen light and view the area with your phone torch as shards of the glass will glint in the dark
  • Pick up tiny shards of glass with a damp paper towel or duck tape


Can You Still Use the Oven Door if the Glass is Shattered?

No. While a broken oven glass will not affect the oven’s internal temperature, there are safety issues with the oven door. It is not recommended to use your oven if the inner glass door is shattered. The glass provides insulation and helps keep heat inside the oven, and without it, the oven may not function properly and could be a safety hazard. 

It’s best to replace the inner glass door with a qualified technician or contact the manufacturer for assistance. Do not attempt to replace the glass yourself, as it can be dangerous and may void any warranties.

Can I Replace the Glass on my Oven Door?

Yes. The first thing to do is to order the glass and proceed with the installation guide in this article. If it seems too complicated, you can contact a certified GE technician. 

How Much Does it Cost To Replace A Shattered GE Oven Glass Door?

The cost of fixing a shattered GE oven glass can vary depending on the model and age of the appliance. Labor costs typically range from $100-$200, and the glass itself may be covered under warranty. However, if the appliance is out of warranty, the customer may be responsible for covering the cost of labor. It’s important to contact a qualified technician or the manufacturer for assistance in repairing a shattered oven glass.

How Common Is it for Oven Doors to Shatter?

It is rare for oven doors to shatter, but they do. Check your oven glass for scratches or cracks regularly. 

As a general precaution, never use an oven if you notice any signs of cracks on the oven door. Instead, replace the glass before the worst happens, schedule a GE oven door repair appointment with GE Appliances Factory Service, or call 1-800-GECares (1-800-432-2737). 


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