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Do Tights Keep You Warm?

During winter, the temperature can drop to such low levels, that when you leave the house, you’ll need all the extra warmth you can get. Does that mean, however, that you have to wave goodbye to your favorite skirts and dresses? Well, if you have winter tights, you don’t!

Tights can keep you warm if they’re made out of the right material. To keep you warm, tights need to be made of heat-retaining fabrics like wool, cashmere, or fleece. If you wear tights made out of a breathable fabric like cotton or nylon, you’re going to have a harder time staying warm.

This article will explain in detail the different types of tights, including the ones you should wear on cold days and the ones you shouldn’t. Moreover, it will present some of the best winter-friendly tights there are out there.

Do Tights Keep You Warm?

What kind of tights will keep me warm?

As I mentioned above, if you want to feel warm, it is important that your tights are made of the right type of fabrics. For example, although spandex tights are super comfortable and sexy, they’re not a good choice for cold days. On the other hand, wool tights can keep you even warmer than a pair of jeans. Let’s take a look at which tights you should opt for.

Wool Tights

Wool tights offer unbeatable warmth, and that’s because wool is the warmest fabric you can find. More specifically, it is able to react to fluctuations in your body temperature due to the tiny pockets of air within its fibers. These are capable of circulating heat and, thus, providing you with ultimate warmth. In fact, they can keep you even warmer than a pair of jeans or sweatpants, so don’t be afraid to wear them even in the coldest of days!

Fleece-Lined Tights

Fleece is made of polyester, an entirely synthetic material. It’s meant to imitate wool, so you can imagine how warm tights made of it are. They’re also extra-soft and dry quickly in case you get caught up in the rain. What is more, fleece-lined tights are lighter and more breathable than wool ones.

Do Tights Keep You Warm?

Cotton Tights

I decided to put cotton tights last because they shouldn’t be your first choice for cold weather but aren’t a bad one either. In fact, cotton is a fabric with medium heat retention abilities. That means that cotton tights can keep you warm to some extent, but it would be best to wear them under a pair of jeans or sweatpants for extra warmth.

What kind of tights shouldn’t I wear during winter?

Not all tights can keep you warm. You surely have learned that by now. However, many tights-manufacturers may try to sell you their products under false claims that the latter has heat-retaining abilities. Thus, you should be aware that the following types of tights are definitely a bad choice for cold days:

Sheer Nylon

Nylon is a fabric with medium heat retaining abilities, so they should be your last choice when it comes to warmth. You could wear them under a heavier layer, such as a pair of sweatpants or jeans, but should you pair them with a skirt or dress, be prepared to get cold.


Spandex, also called elastane, is a synthetic fiber with great elasticity, invented in the late 1950s. Although it’s breathable and moisture-wicking, its heat retention abilities are very low. Thus, spandex tights should be your last choice for cold weather days.


There’s no denying that silk tights are luxurious and elegant. When it comes to cold weather,

however, they’re not a good choice. Silk is a fabric with low heat-retention abilities. In fact, due to its high breathability, it is considered ideal for hot summer days. Thus, it’s best to keep these fancy silk tights of yours for spring and summer outfits.

5 reasons to wear tights in winter.

They’re a Great Match With Everything

Tights can match with anything you wear. You can use them to create both a formal and informal look. You can also add them to your favorite dress, an elegant skirt, and even a pair of denim shorts. Whatever you want, really-it’s your choice. One thing’s for sure: you’ll leave the house with a stylish outfit!

They Come in Hundreds of Different Designs and Colors

If you’re the kind of person who gets bored easily, it is likely you prefer to have a variety of clothes, with most of them being of different colors and patterns. In that case, tights won’t disappoint! You can find them at any design, pattern, and color and can be a great accessory to boost your look!

They Can Keep You Warm Even When It’s Freezing Outside

Since you’ve been reading this article, this one is obvious. If tights are made of heat-retaining fabrics, they can provide you with warmth, all while keeping you stylish. What’s more, you can still wear your favorite dresses and skirts whenever you feel like it!

They Are Affordable

This one is very simple. Most tights come at great prices, which means that you can get plenty of them without having to spend a fortune!

They Can Elevate Your Look

Let’s be honest. During cold weather days, most of us get stuck in a boring style rotation that consists of minimal outfit variations of different shades of black, gray, and brown. Tights are a great way to get out of this rotation and add color to your outfits and look more stylish.

Best warm tights to wear in winter.

If you’re looking to buy a pair—or two—of tights and are unsure of which ones can provide you with the ultimate growth, take a look at the following.

Kari Traa Women’s Lokke Base Layer Bottoms

These thermal tights are made of 100% Merino wool, providing plenty of warmth, all while keeping you comfortable and stylish. They also have a cute pattern and come in 5 different colors you can choose from!

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VERO MONTE Women’s Opaque Fleece Lined Tights

These fleece-lined tights are another great choice for cold days. Made of 90% fleece, they are classy, elegant, comfortable, and, most importantly, warm! You can easily pair them with any skirt or dress.

VERO MONTE 2 Pairs Womens Opaque Warm Fleece Lined Tights (BLACK) 46031

Muk Luks Women’s Fleece Lined 2-Pair Pack Tights

If you’re looking for warmth, simplicity, and comfort, you’ll find it in these 2-pair pack tights. They are super soft, match with everything, and also come at a great price. What more could you ask for, right?

Muk Luks Women’s Fleece Lined 2-Pair Pack Tights, Black/Brown, Small

Ladies Women’s Thermal Heat Holders Tights

Last in our list are these thermal heat holders tights. Why are they a good choice? Well, they are made from an advanced insulating yarn that provides high-performance insulation against the cold. They are also soft, breathable, and come in three different colors and an affordable price.


Although winter is a magical season—Christmas, anyone?—it also comes with some dramatic temperature drops. During these cold weather days, you want to leave your house wearing something that’ll provide you with all the extra warmth you can get. Despite what many people think, tights are great at keeping you warm—provided they’re made of heat-generating fabrics. So, when buying tights make sure they’re made of:

  • wool
  • fleece
  • cotton

These fabrics have heat-generating and retention abilities, so any tights made of them will surely provide you with all the warmth you need. Not only that, but tights can also be paired with anything you can imagine: a skirt, your favorite dress, or a pair of denim shorts. Don’t hesitate to rock some tights even when it’s chilly outside!


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