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7 Best Under Desk Heaters (2024 Reviews)

Whether you’re working at home or in an office, under-desk heaters can keep your feet warm throughout the year. Nothing’s worse than cold feet when you’re trying to stay focused on a difficult task. Fortunately, I’ve compiled the top heaters you should consider for underneath your workspace.

The best under-desk heater is the GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater. It has tip-over protection that automatically turns off if it falls over. Two knobs control the fan speed and heat level, putting you in control. This heater produces less than 45 dB and comes in black or silver.

Throughout this article, you’ll also learn the following information about the best under-desk heaters:

  • Details to remember when you’re searching for under-desk heaters
  • The seven best options on the market
  • How to pick an under-desk heater to keep your feet warm for many years to come

What To Look for When Buying an Under-Desk Heater

Under-desk heaters are unique because you don’t want to get an overwhelming heater, but anything too weak won’t suffice. There aren’t too many units that will get the job done, but I’ve got you covered. After extensive research, I’ve found three factors that are found in every top-of-the-line under-desk heater:

  1. They have a powerful fan to circulate warm air under your desk.
  2. The heater should be compact and portable enough to move whenever you’d like to.
  3. They’re capable of producing enough heat without being over the top.

Under-desk heaters are few and far between, but you can find seven excellent options on this page. If you want a detailed breakdown of these three key features, read on. Those who want to dive straight into the list can head down to our top picks.

Fan Circulation

If your heater doesn’t have a fan, it’s either malfunctioning or infrared. Since none of the under-desk heaters on our list are infrared, we’re going to highlight the importance of an adequate fan. Heaters that don’t have multiple fan adjustments should have quiet, powerful airflow, which is hard to come by.

Most of the heaters we’ve come across have at least two or three fan settings. Being able to adjust the fan level allows you to control the noise, heat output, and comfort. This feature is crucial if you’re working in an office with other people who probably don’t want to hear a loud, roaring heater when they’re trying to concentrate.

Check the noise level by contacting the heater’s manufacturer. Most of the fans on our list are under 45 dB, which is about the volume of a library or bird calls, as explained by IAC Acoustics. There’s no excuse for under-desk heaters to be much louder than 50 dB since they’re not intended to warm an entire room.

That being said, many heaters we’ll review are powerful enough to heat workspaces and small bedrooms without producing too much noise.

Compact Design

Another favorable trait is compact size. You don’t want to be kicking or bumping the heater every time you move your feet. Whether you’re working on your computer or watching movies, a bulky heater can cause more harm than good. It’s important to find something that fits under your desk, regardless of how small it is.

For that reason (among others), our top picks range from five inches to nine inches tall. They’re also quite slim compared to whole-room space heaters. Measure your desk’s dimensions, determine how much legroom you need to remain comfortable, and choose your space heater.

Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as measuring and purchasing. If your heater isn’t doing its job, your feet won’t stay warm. What’s the point of having an under-desk heater if you’re too cold or overwhelmingly hot? In the next section, we’ll discuss how you can determine and adjust your unit’s heat levels.

Heat Level

Heat levels can be broken into a few parts:

  • Your heater needs to have a powerful fan, as mentioned earlier in the article. Without a powerful fan, the heat won’t go anywhere. It’ll sit still, providing warmth to anything that touches it. If you want a high-quality heat level, the fan needs to be strong (and possibly adjustable).
  • Check how many square feet the heater is rated for. Many under-desk heaters are designed for spaces between 50 to 100 square feet, while others can top 200 square feet. The square footage is determined by BTUs (British Thermal Units) and wattage. More BTUs means more heat!
  • Adjustable temperatures are few and far between, but they make a significant improvement. If you want to heat the area under your desk or entire office space, consider a heater with a knob or buttons to increase or decrease the temperature. Many of the heaters we’ll discuss have such features.

With those traits in mind, let’s explore seven of the best under-desk heaters you can get your hands on below.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Portable Electric Space Heater by GiveBest

The GiveBest Space Heater takes the cake in many categories, including the best under-desk fan. If you want to stay warm while working, you’ll enjoy this compact, highly-functional heater. It comes with two knobs to adjust the fan’s power and heat intensity, putting the control in your hands. There’s also a power button in the center of the top panel.

Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat, 1500W/750W Safe and Quiet Ceramic Heater Fan, Heat Up 200 Square Feet for Office Room Desk Indoor Use

You can choose between silver or black for this 7″ x 6.2″ x 9.2″ space heater. The front face is designed to prevent burns, but it’s not the only safety feature. This heater also includes an impressive tip-over auto-shutoff. If it falls over from kicking, bumping, or any other reason, the heater shuts off to prevent burns and electrical issues.

If you’re tired of searching for a heater that keeps you warm without taking up all the space under your desk, it’s a worthwhile expense. You don’t have to worry about getting burned, nor do you have to get an extension cord since the cable is long enough.

Bottom Line: If you want an affordable, efficient heater, this one will do the trick. While it serves as an excellent under-desk heater, you can use it to warm bedrooms, small garages, bathrooms, and more. Choose your favorite color and enjoy between 750W to 1,500W of powerful heat throughout the day.

Square Footage200 square feet
Dimensions7 x 6.2 x 9.2 inches
Weight3.2 pounds
Wattage750W to 1500W


  • You can adjust the fan’s power and heat putting, saving energy costs and heating much more efficiently than most models.
  • It’s ultra-lightweight and compact, making it as portable as possible for an under-desk heater.
  • It heats up to 200 square feet on the max setting, but you can lower it for the perfect range under your desk.
  • There are two colors (silver and black) to match your color preferences.
  • The thermostat ranges between 0 to 158 °F, giving it one of the widest ranges on the market.


  • It’s primarily made out of plastic, giving it a cheap feeling.
  • Due to the plastic construction, it can’t take too many drops from over two to three feet.

Best for Quick Heating: FOXBUS Portable Electric Space Heater

Oscillation is a significant feature for most tower fans, but FOXBUS took the impressive technology and made a heater with it. The FOXBUS Portable Electric Space Heater raises the temperature quickly by using a powerful fan, frequent rotations, and a wide faceplate to maximize the airflow.

Portable Electric Space Heater – Ceramic Heater Energy Efficient, Fast Heating Ceramic Desk Heater with Overheat Protection and Tip-Over Protection, Heater for Home Desk Indoor Use

There are four buttons on top of the heater: Power on/off, heat, fan, and oscillation. You can control every part of the process from start to finish. This heater is only 8.26 x 5.71 x 8.66 inches, so you can set it on the corner of your desk or underneath. Feel free to adjust the oscillation to limit bumping.

It ranges between 650 to 1,000 watts, but there’s a fan-only mode that consumes 35 watts. If your desk is warm enough, you can turn on the fan without consuming more power than a traditional floor fan. In fact, it’s much more eco-conscious. Thanks to its high level of thermal efficiency.

Bottom Line: The FOXBUS Portable Heater might not look like much, but it packs a punch. If you’re ready to experience quick heating without spending too much on the purchase or energy costs, it’s a great selection. From the four-button display to the oscillation technology, it’s a high-end fan.

Square Footage150 square feet
Dimensions8.26 x 5.71 x 8.66 inches
Weight2.5 pounds
Wattage650W to 1000W


  • It shuts off when the heater gets too warm. The battery turns off once it hits 190 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent electrical problems.
  • It’s much more energy-efficient than most of the competition. The heater goes from 650 to 1,000 watts, but the fan-only mode uses as little as 35 watts.
  • The simple display keeps everything simplified without taking away from the high-tech, modernized appearance.
  • There’s a handle on top for convenient portability. Paired with the previously mentioned dimensions and lightweight design, it’s perfect for desks.


  • The fan only has one mode, which means you can’t reduce the volume level. However, there are two heating settings to adjust its wattage.
  • The cord is only 4.9 feet, so it might be challenging to plug if you don’t have an outlet nearby.

Best for Customization: INLASK Portable Electric Space Heater

If you’re ready to customize the heat, fan power, and direction, the INLASK Portable Electric Space Heater should be at the top of your list. There are two knobs; one controls the heat from low to high and offers three fan settings (low, medium, and high). Adjusting these modes directly impacts the wattage.

Our electric heater has power of 1500W enable fast heat up in 1S with advanced PTC ceramic technology which produces a direct stream of hot warming air, provide your personal comfort zone.~~~[3 TEMPERATURE MODES]This space heater has 3 temperature modes Low/High heat/Natural Wind for choose.~~~[DOUBLE SAFETY PROTECTION]The indoor use heater has a built in tip-over protection and overheating protection.~~~” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-price=”0″ hide-button=”0″ width=”750″]INLASK Portable Electric Space Heater 1500W/750W, 3 Heating Modes Ceramic Fast Heating Heater with Tip-Over and Overheat Protection, Safe & Quiet Personal Home Floor Office Desk Indoor Use (Black)

Speaking of which, the INLASK Heater consumes between 750 to 1,500 watts. This range is typical for most space heaters, but the vast majority don’t have enough settings. The wide grate forces plenty of air, warming the area under your desk without being too overwhelming. It’s small enough to fit under any desk.

There are two safety features you’ll be able to enjoy:

  1. It comes with an auto-shutoff setting to prevent fires and wasted energy. If your heater falls over, it shuts off.
  2. There’s a 149-degree (Fahrenheit) auto-shutoff switch. If your heater gets too warm, it turns off to cool down.

Bottom Line: The INLASK Portable Heater offers everything you could want in a customizable mini heater. You don’t have to settle for basic settings to save money. This affordable model covers all bases without sacrificing efficiency and comfort. You can use it under your desk, in bedrooms, and more.

Square Footage150 square feet
Dimensions6.3 x 5.3 x 9.4 inches
Weight3.73 pounds
Wattage750W to 1500W


  • This heater comes with multiple safety settings to prevent damage to itself and bystanders.
  • You can adjust everything with two knobs on the front of the heater.
  • It never gets louder than 45 dB. As mentioned earlier on the page, that’s as quiet as a library.
  • It’s lightweight and portable, thanks to the ergonomic handle on top of the heater.
  • It uses a thermostat to automatically turn off when the desired temperature is reached.


  • The large knobs are clunky and feel a bit cheap. However, this issue is based on personal preference, so it might not bother you.
  • It’s much larger than most heaters on the list, though it’s shorter than ten inches.

Best Simple Design: AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Mini Heater

If you’re looking for a heater that gets straight to the point, nothing’s better than the AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Mini Heater. There’s not a complicated bone on this heater. It has a short cable and one button that turns it on and off, living up to Amazon Basics’ name.

Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater – Black

This heater comes in black, blue, pink, and white. It heats up to 50 square feet and only consumes 500 watts per hour. These details might seem small, but they’re more than ideal for those who only want to heat the area under their desk. It won’t heat the entire house, but the low hum is a welcome noise reduction.

The AmazonBasics Mini Heater has a square design that prevents it from being knocked over. They added the tip-over protection found in most of the other heaters on the list for extra precautions. Make sure you keep it at least a few inches away from the wall to allow maximum airflow and cooling to prevent overheating.

Bottom Line: You can use the AmazonBasics Ceramic Mini Heater to warm your cubicle, desk, bathroom, and more. It’s energy-efficient, ultra-compact, and easy to use. One button on the back of the heater turns it on and off. Anyone looking for a basic model will love this long-lasting heater.

Square Footage50 square feet
Dimensions5.87 x 3.2 x 6 inches
Weight1.43 pounds


  • It comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Ship it back to Amazon for repairs or replacements if anything goes wrong. See the warranty for more details.
  • It’s compact and uses barely any electricity compared to all other heaters on the market.
  • You can fit it under your desk without taking up too much space since it’s 6 x 5.87 inches.
  • One button controls everything, limiting complicated displays and getting right to heating.
  • This heater includes tip-over protection. Thanks to the square design, it’s highly unlikely to fall, though.


  • It takes a little longer to heat than other models since it uses a fraction of the wattage.
  • There aren’t any adjustable features on the AmazonBasics Mini Heater.

Best Budget-Friendly Model: andily Space Heater

The andily Space Heater is proof you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a high-end under-desk heater. It’s only 6.2 x 4.74 x 8.3 inches and produces enough heat for a 170 sq. ft. space. It’ll heat the area under your desk in a matter of seconds, or you could use it to warm the whole room.

andily Space Heater Electric Heater for Home and Office Ceramic Small Heater with Thermostat, 750W/1500W

This heater has a unique design that allows you to control the wattage. Decide if you want to use setting #I, #II, or a fan-only mode. You can also adjust the heating knob to determine how warm it gets. Both knobs are located on top of the andily Space Heater for easy access. There’s an indent on the back you can use to pick it up.

You might also like the tip-over and overheating protection. It’s ETL-certified, which means it’s passed various safety standards and has been determined suitable for households. A one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty is included with the purchase.

Bottom Line: This heater is on the cheap side of the price range for this list, but it has numerous customizable features and safety precautions to rank it as one of the best. After using it, you’d think it’d cost twice the price. A one-year warranty backs everything if anything goes wrong from manufacturer defects.

Square Footage170 square feet
Dimensions6.2 x 4.74 x 8.3 inches
Weight2.75 pounds
Wattage750W to 1500W


  • It includes two adjustable knobs to change the heating mode, fan, and temperature.
  • The ETL certification proves it’s safe enough to use around your pets and family.
  • You’ll receive a one-year manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment.
  • You can choose between black or gray.
  • The ceramic heating element prevents overheating and increases the temperature quickly.


  • The metal grate is hot, so you’ll need to keep it away from your feet and legs if it’s under your desk.

Best Dual-Use Heater: AUZKIN Mini Desk Space Heater

The AUZKIN Mini Desk Space Heater might have a unique design we’ve come across. Unlike almost every heater available, you can use it vertically or horizontally. Many heaters on the list have tip-over protection, but this one doesn’t need it. Set it on its side or upright; Whichever is most convenient when it’s under your desk.

AUZKIN Mini Desk Space Heater, Portable Electric Fan Heater, Horizontal-Vertical Dual-Use Personal Air Heater with Over-heat Protection and Oscillation for Office and Home

Speaking of safety features, the AUZKIN Desk Heater has a temperature limit if the internal components get too hot. It’ll shut off, saving your investment and preventing an electrical disaster. Once it cools down to 194 degrees Fahrenheit, it’ll start again without a problem. You can adjust the settings on the side.

There’s a fast-heating mode that the company claims works in one second. You can also turn on the oscillation mode to rotate the heater back and forth to cover more square footage. The oscillation goes 25 degrees in both directions. It only goes up to 39 dB, making it the quietest heater on the list.

Bottom Line: This heater can be placed on its side or upright without triggering warnings, overheating, or shutting off. The unique design enables oscillation, quick heating, and more. It’s ultra-quiet and only consumes 500 watts per hour. The energy-efficient ceramic element uses all of the heat rather than dissipating or wasting electricity.

Square Footage150 square feet
Dimensions5.15 x 7.67 x 2.95 inches
Weight1.61 pounds


  • It only consumes 500 watts, making it one of the lowest energy consumers on the list.
  • This heater is ultra-compact and very lightweight.
  • You can set it on its side or upright, depending on the space under your desk.
  • Choose to oscillate or heat quickly with two buttons on the side of the heater.
  • There’s an overheating protection setting that automatically turns it off if it exceeds 221 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It’s quieter than almost every other heater on the market (in-store and online)


  • There’s no handle to carry the heater. However, it’s only 1.61 pounds, so it’s easy to carry.
  • The broad face can’t be covered, or it overheats relatively quickly. Make sure it’s at least nine inches away from walls, desk legs, and anything else.

Best for Simplicity: Lasko Space Heater

Lasko has plenty of space heaters and fans to choose from, but the Lasko Space Heater’s compact edition is as simple as it gets. If you’re tired of dealing with numerous knobs and switches, you’ll enjoy the basic design. There’s a red switch on the front of the heater that turns it on and off.

Lasko Heating Space Heater, Compact, Black

This heater comes with a six-foot electrical cord, so you can plug it in and stretch it under your desk without worrying about causing a tripping hazard. There’s no need for extension cords with this model. It has a small face to promote focused heating, which is perfect if you want to warm your feet and legs under a desk.

It comes in black, blue, purple, and white. Regardless of which color you choose, this heater only consumes 200 watts per hour. If your sole intention is to heat your workspace, the 50 sq. ft. rating is more than enough. You can take this lightweight personal heater wherever you go. At only 2.8 pounds and 3.8 x 4.3 x 6.1 inches, it’s perfect for travel.

Bottom Line: Lasko’s made another impressive product with its Mini Space Heater. If you want to keep your feet warm during cold mornings and the winter months, it’s more than adequate for The job. Use the power switch to toggle it on and off instantly. The six-foot power cord is added for your convenience, as is the wide array of colors.

Square Footage50 square feet
Dimensions3.8 x 4.3 x 6.1 inches
Weight2.8 pounds


  • The cord is six feet long, which is more than enough for such a small heater.
  • The compact design is lightweight and small enough to fit under any desk.
  • One switch controls the whole operation. If you’re looking for simplicity, this heater is your best bet.
  • It only consumes 200 watts, which is much less than any heater on the list by at least 300 watts.
  • Lasko is a trusted brand that makes countless heating and cooling products.


  • You can’t adjust any of the settings, including the fan’s power or temperature.
  • The plastic construction feels much cheaper than most heaters.


The GiveBest Heater has thousands of customer reviews to back its well-known functionality and quick heating capabilities. Packed with safety features and customized warmth, you can take control and keep your feet warm throughout the day.

However, you might want a different under-desk heater if any of the following is true:


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